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Rice Lake Ontario -2nd week in may

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by bopperattacker, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. bopperattacker

    bopperattacker Banned

    This year we are thinking of heading up to Rice Lake the 2nd saturday of may and staying for a week. Previous years we have gone the first week in june to fish for walleye/panfish.

    Anyone know if the walleye will still be flooding the connecting rivers in their post spawn journey back to Rice lake??? Last june the otonabee river was slamming, and our cottage owners said that in may the river fishing is even better. Just wanted to know if any OGF members have fished the post spawn river runs up there.
  2. olejoe

    olejoe sr

    I don't know about that BUT make sure walleye season is open that early there. I think your talking the 17 or 19 of May at least.

  3. You also risk very cool (cold) temperatures (30s-40s), and water temps in the low 50s.
    At that time of the year, things are still sometimes not even green yet in Ontario and you could still be seeing the tail-end effects of the spring run-off.

    My experience at that time of the year is that the number of fish caught is fewer, but the quality of fish is greater.

    If you have 2-3 weeks to spend up there (we go mid-May to mid-June), I'd say go for it, but if you only have one week, I'd stay right where I am on the first week of June.
  4. bopperattacker

    bopperattacker Banned

    all previous years we've went the first week in june. Walleye season starts may 9th this year on rice lake. All years before we mostly drifted the main lake, and jigged weed beds. Last year it was kinda dead as far as drifting, so we tried hitting the otonabee river, and had great success. We know about the cold temps, even in june you can get a few mornings and nights near freezing.