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Revealing your "Hot Spots"

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by irishfisherman, Aug 26, 2004.

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  1. irishfisherman

    irishfisherman Da' Irish Guy

    Having read some of the posts lately, regarding the catches people are making, and where they're coming from, I can fully understand why Walter, Dadru, MrM, Coolwater, Mojo, Trane, Fish4Wall, BKR, Dewey and others are getting &**^%ed' off at the influx of people fishing the spots "they discovered" I can fully unstand that, I respect you guys not wanting to give them up, I for 1 wont ask people for exact locations and bait usage that people are catching on, more along the lines of a general direction to an area, simply because I dont know the area(s) involved, and I am just looking to get some insight of where i can go and fish, when i get there, i'm sure i'll find my own hotspot, which i think most people should when they get told of an area, If i have fished anywhere good, i dont mind telling everyone on here, but i'd get pretty pissed if all of a sudden there were 10 people fishing that area and taking fish out rather than C & R

    Anyway, enough of that, I personally want to thank all u guys who have PM'd with your tips and locations on where to go
  2. If just a handful of guys are fishing a small area it's probably realy NOT all that HOT and the fish will be gone before you know it. When targeting more common fish like Eyes and Steelies, the shear numbers of fish far out weigh the preasure and sharing these locations is only goodsportsmanship. I've seen GPS locations given in the Erie forum and there are STILL eyes in the lake, but I don't blame anyone for not sharing a little honey hole.

  3. I fish C&R all the time. As far as asking Yonota Rd is a fairley decent size place so whether your fishing the channel or pond theres enough room to take your pick. As far as your baits I ask because I'm always wanting to learn new tips & tactics plus I think it helps each other out. I'm 35 yrs old married 2 kids and I need all the help I can get to find a nice spot to enjoy what the wife calls MIKE TIME! When we run out of bass,gills,pike,cats,farmanimals,eyes, then I'll stop sharing until then come and join me and we'll swap stories.(some true some not so true just like the so called HOT SPOTS) Mike,
  4. There are always a number of individuals that want others to do their work for them. In fishing, they ask for absolute specifics rather than getting to an area and taking the time and effort to explore and learn. The same thing holds true regarding hunting areas as well as common ordinary everyday information covering many subjects. As Froggy stated and hit the nail on the head, you have to consider the size of the lake, river or area that is being shared. Check the Erie posts and you will find details as far as location and in many instances the exact color and method of presentation. Now check out a post on Cold Creek, Mad river or another stream and you will find, in most cases that individuals will post their sucess and even the method used but not the exact area. Why? Because they know that the location they have found will tolerate only so much pressure and all the work they have put into sorting out the area will be jumped on by those not willing to fish, but like to catch. I don't find any fault with those making general posts regarding less expansive areas and thank them for sharing the fact that fish are available in that particular stream, river or small lake.
  5. irishfisherman

    irishfisherman Da' Irish Guy

    MrM, i agree with ya, i'v been married 2 yrs now, 1 baby on the way, and my wife doesnt know a thing about any fishing spots in the area, so i am very thankfull to everyone of u who can at least point me in the right direction of where i can have a good days fishing....
  6. catking

    catking Banned

    Hey guys- I'll leave this here for now, but please do not post the same thread in diffrent sections ;) This should be in " The Lounge" . Might seem like knit pickin, but if everybody did this, this site would be a mess ;) ..Thanks.CATKING
  7. I don't mind giving general information, but c'mon, exact locations of my honey-holes? Nope. There are some I haven't been to in 30 years and have never mentioned the exact locations to anyone. But I know there are guys who know those spots as good as me.
    Part of the thrill is the hunt...and the unknown of whether they are there, biting and big. Take that away and the fun is pretty much gone for me.
    When you report your exact details of great successes, you will remove much doubt as to the thrill of the hunt. The best times for me have been exploring and hitting it big in a new area.
    Anyway, you can be on the best spot in the world and sometimes they just will not bite at all.
  8. I think it depends on the species, and the person. Ive taken a couple people to some of my private pond holes. Most of them need permision. If i think the person might take all his buddies to the ponds then there is no way in hell im gonna take em. On the creeks, rivers, and lakes i dont think its as bad. Ive been out, put someone exactly on the spot and they still couldnt catch anything. So its more than taking someone to the spot, often it could require teaching them how to catch em and what they want. Hell thats the best part of fishn find em, fiqure out what they want, and fileting when you get home.
  9. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i dont have a problem giving out spots that i find up on erie most people know the popular spots .........their are some times that i dont give out spots if i am going to be fishing them the next day or if someone dosent want me to .........i know spots in erie around the islands on the us side or canada that hold eyes and bass all year round but you got to be a good rock fisherman and be looking for size not numbers not be looking for a limmit but 5 or 10 good bites 25-30in eyes (you guys that fish erie know what i am talking about) small humps and rock piles hold the fish......i wont tell about those spots but ..........large schools of fish are different and in lakes i wont be to specific like i will say the "south shore of nimisilla" or "dam area of mosquito" these are big areas and the likley hood of the person finding the exact spot even if they are using the same lure and the fish being on that day are slim..........jim
  10. Jim's's like, I'd never tell anyone that the first couple of weeks in Sept. after a heavy rain is the best time to pick up a nice mess of chromers out of the Cuyahoga under the route 82 bridge in Brecksville :eek:

    Heck I've gone there fished for 10 minutes, bag a couple for the smoker and have litteraly given the lure I caught them with to another fisherman and he fished for hours in the same spot with NO luck. :D :D

    BTW....whatever you do, don't fish on the west side just North of the bridge...they just stack up there and it's really not fair to catch 'em like that. Actually I hope to see some of you guys there....I'm usualy the only one there.
  11. I dont mind giving out spots to friends and family or even on OGF but to complete strangers and people who I know who will take everyone and thier brother the answer is no. But to people who know the ways o fishing I dont have a problem
  12. Truth be told, i only have 2 spots that i'll stay tight lipped about, and thats only because they are very small and one is private. Anything else i am fine to give out. i rarely fish the same area/hole consitantly anyways. Most of the guys in this forum are pretty open and respectful and i doubt would all flock to a spot and fish it out. in terms of lure choice i'll always give away that. And really the only reason i don't usually post specifics is because i'm not sure what the floater rules are on this site.... can anyone google this up and read the reports or is it members only? I've only fished with 2-3 people on this site (daduru doesn't count because i live with him) before and i would love some company and i would be happy to go out to some money spots with anyone, just shoot me a pm sometime.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Froggy is so correct about the concrete thingy. He could catch chromers, give me his lure, and I wouldn't catch a cold let alone a fish. Only thing I can do there is snag the bottom and loose $20 in lures each time out.

    As far as giving out HOT spots. I have mixed emotions about it. First off, most of you whom have been on here a while know that I fish the Cuyahoga River quite often. Last year I was in search of the pike, and this year in search of the smallmouth. I have scouted almost every stretch of the river from Kent all the way to Brecksville this year alone. At times I find spots that look as if they have never been touched. No path, no foot prints, no trash, etc...and I get good numbers in these spots. There are also the spots on the River that are easily accessable, of which are fished heavily. I made it my mission this year not to catch numbers of fish, but rather find places that are less fished, so that I would have the chance at better quality rather than quantity. When it comes time for me to post my results here on OGF, the first thing out of some's mouth are "where did I go, what did I use, when did I get them, how did I present my bait selection" others won't ask at all, and then others just ask a general location and nothing more than that. The river is ever changing, from day to day it is different than the last. I have gone to what I think is a hot spot, and not get a sniff the next day. I have gone to places I didn't get a sniff, and I kill them. Its the old saying "should have been here yesterday" What I have learned is how to adapt to the ever changing river conditions. I can't teach that, it is just learned over time and practice.

    Too me its all about trust. I trust that if I posted my exact spot on the river that if I went down to that spot the next day, there would be more than a few people in it. I also trust that those I tell the exact spot will appreciate the hard work and time I put in to find the spot, and not spread it through out the web. I don't mind putting in the hard work and finding new spots for me to catch fish, and in most cases the people I tell those spots have also shown me some of their spots. I guess its one of those unspoken things that " I trust you and you trust me"

    Lets get real, nobody wants to find a really nice spot to fish in, and then all of a sudden it not be such a good spot due to pressure of fishing. Now mind you I am only speaking about small rivers here and not bigger lakes.

    Lastly, there have been some that ask me to help them with Pike fishing in general. That is cool with me. I enjoy taking someone with me that hasn't ever gotten a pike and watch their face when the hook into one.