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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by madcrappiekids, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. ok, so this is not fishing related, but wanted to get another opinion. I have done this a few other time as needed so my opinion is it's ok to do. As a manager at KMart I saw this done more than once by customers.

    Anyway, I needed a miter saw for a small room that got a facelift - I have about 25 feet of chair rail and some other little trim to cut in and want it to look nice - I don't have a miter saw and can't see needing one anytime soon - got by this long with out one... but today needed one. So, went to store XYZ, spent $100.00 and come Monday it will get returned...wrong size, amps whatever the nice reason is. Keep in mind other than the blade (which I would pay for - call it rent) - the saw will be in perfect condition - cleaned, repacked, and ready to resell.

    Anyone else do this for that thing you need once and will never use again - or it jsut does not fit the budget to buy and keep? I did this with some audio equipment for a graduation party years ago and have done it 1 or 2 other times.
  2. Perchy101

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    I used to work in retailing supervising the returns desk and cashiers...

    I hated when people did it.... We had alot of people come in and buy stuff for weddings and return it... All cept they never tried to cover it up...

    Its horrible IMO. When I could I refused the return and told them it was used and not sellable anymore... Boy did I get into some fun people once I told em no.

  3. Can the store resell it at full price? I don't really know, but I doubt it.

    This is not something I would do. Home Depot rents compound miter saws, I'm sure other places do too. There's no excuse to do what you are considering to do.
  4. Orlando

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    I would call it dishonest, would never consider doing that. Go rent one .
  5. misfit

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    and as a manager, what did you think of that at the time?
  6. Lundy

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    Not good....
  7. That's partially why the $80 saw you bought cost $100.
  8. DaleM

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    Actually you could be charged with a minor crime, what you are talking about doing is totally dishonest. Rent one if you only need it for a short time.
    I can't believe you are a manager and even ask that here.
    Het is correct, that is one of many reasons the price is what it is.
  9. Well said Dale.

    I can't even believe YOU are a manager and would pull a slime-ball move like that.....then to actually have the balls to brag about it on here and then tell us you've done that before?? What's going on in that noggin of yours? Anything??

    How proud of you your parents would they'd love to hear about how wonderful their kid is and how you've taken to heart all the morals they instilled in you...........

    you dishonest turd.

    people like you make me sick - makes all of us HONEST people suffer for the dishonest turds like you in this world.
  10. jeffmo

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    remind me to never sell you any toilet paper!!!
  11. ezbite

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    tisk, tisk, tisk.....
  12. ParmaBass

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    Did you just call him a turd? lol, that's pretty shady man, do the right thing and rent one.
  13. yeah - twice.

    figured that was the safest thing to call him and get my point across, there's ALOT of things I would rather call him, but that would lead to me being banned.
  14. Well I tell you what I worked at walmart before and people would buy lawn mowers trimmer and what not for summer use and then at the end of summer they would return them.Walmart would have them sent somewhere and have serviced and resold them.Or they would send them back to get credit for them.But I hated that especially when you knew they had used them for a while.And they would say we only used it once and it quit working.But that is one way to get them cheaper when they get them back and resell them.
  15. thats weak dude. people who do that are are cheap and dumb. i bet if you woulda posted somethin about borrowing a saw on here someone woulda let you borrow it. now that you just pulled that stunt hardly anyone on here will help you.
  16. GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SAY . I:M A CROOK I STOLED FROM THE COMPANY . and you can bet I:M gonna tell them .
  17. WOW! I guess now I have to keep it! Let me clarify a few things before I get hung and marked as an OGF outcast....

    ok, as a manager I know what happens to things and when they have been used to the point of not resellable and yes, I have refused several returns- in the past (with audio equipment) I never even took the plastic off - it was put back on the shelf and sold as new because it was so well taken care of - right down to the box being cut with a razor adn retaped - no loss for the store or company AT ALL!

    Second - I have seen MANY things come back - there are return policy's and time frames for a reason and if the product is within those guidelines there is no issue.

    Third - we have all seen the clearance table of stuff that has been returned and is no marked down - trust me when I say most anything is still above cost unless it gets to at least 50% off -

    As far as renting one -i have rented many large things in the past as needed

    That all said, I am keeping the saw, we can all rest with no "bad karma" tonight!
  18. Lewis


    Looks like this one has reached its conclusion.
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