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Retrieval tips

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by dnm, May 30, 2005.

  1. dnm


    Hi all Im wondering the best ways to retirieve cranks, worms, spinnerbaits and rooster tails. I fish from the shore so its no more than 40 feet or so

  2. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    For a rooster tail, a steady retrieve works best for me. After it hits the water, you do want to give it a sharp jerk to get the blade spinning. Also before casting it back out, let all the twist spin out. In other words, you will notice after you reel it up, the spinner will be spinning due to the line twisting up some as the bait is retreived. Also you can count down after it hits the water for how deep you want to fish. Try faster & slower speeds to see what the fish want. Vary the depths, it will drop approximately 1 foot per second in the water. So you can start after 2 seconds, then try 4 seconds, then more..10, 15 seconds, etc. Also once you hit bottom, you will know how far to count so it won't hit bottom and snag up. Keep your rod tip up high as it approaches the bank so you won't snag it up. Won't hurt to pump the rod too. Try different stuff. Pump the rod...don't pump the rod, fast/slow. Crank up fast, let it drop again, etc, etc.
    For jigs, let it hit bottom ( for saugers anyway) keep your rod up (45°), you will notice the line goes slack when it hits, then crank it in some, wait, let it hit again, repeat. You can also vary the retreive, fast, slow, give it a jerk, then let it hit, take up the line & repeat. Just have to try different things to see what the fish want. Also by counting down, you will know when to expect it to hit, if if doesn't...set the hook, a fish grabbed it on the way down. Always better to set too fast and too quick than to set too slow, too late. ;)
    Become a line watcher. Your line will tell you when a fish hits before you ever feel it in your rod.

  3. dnm


    Thanks mr fish!
  4. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    being on shore makes it tough, but I always tell everyone to throw into cover esp. with crankbaits. It is possible to retreive the lures from a boat when hung up, but most crankbait bites come after the bait has deflected off a limb or rolled over a branch/log, etc. Got to find a crankbait to is good at rolling over and through cover and not getting hung up.
  5. Also with any spinner make sure you it clean. Anything stuck to the spinner, swivel, or any part of the bait will hinder its spin. Also you can almost always feel the spinner if its working. Either you feel the vibration or if the bait gets "heavier". Roster tails are bad for not working after being fished a bit. I have found that using needle nose plyers and actually flatting the blade helps. Don't try this on spinner baits though. Also in rivers if you vary your retrieve you will get more strikes. What I mean is starting out a lil faster then slowing for a moment. Then if you don't get a strike speed it back up (not too fast though). This is all in one cast and retrieve mind you. What this allows is the speed gets the fishes attention by generating more flash and vibration. Then slowing it allows the fish to actually catch up to the bait to strike in currents, i.e. rivers. Good luck, and of course like anything else try to match the colors or native prey and coinditions you are fishing.