RESULTS: Griggs Wednesday Night Bass Tournament 8-6-08

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    Another increase in turnout tonight, with a total of 19 boats fishing the river! The bite was a little slow, and only 1 limit was brought to the scale. Here are the results:

    1st - John Garrett - 4 fish - 5.66lbs

    2nd - Jeff Aldridge - 4 fish - 5.41lbs

    3rd - Mike Bores and Casey Hamman - 4 fish - 4.55lbs

    4th - Rich and John Weisenberger - 5 fish - 4.44lbs

    Big Bass - John Wickline and Jeremy Rogers - 2.23lb largemouth

    Thanks again to everyone who showed up! We will be there again next week, and will be hoping to break the 20 boat mark.
  2. mike you put on a great show down there. me and my partner had a great time. you do have a great group of guys . everyone we talked with acted like we'd been friends for years. we will definately be back soon. thanks for the great evening. by the way.... that ramp is a pain in the a$$ to load a boat on :p

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    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter


    It was nice meeting you. The ramp is tough to load when the water gets low like it is. You guys are welcome back anytime!
  4. we didnt even get out of sight of the big city buildings and we were trying to figure out how soon we could come back down.:p ive never met a nicer group of guys ever while fishing an event. i think everybody i talked to gave me advice. you just cant find that up here much anymore.