RESULTS: Griggs Wednesday Night Bass Tournament 8-27-08

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    The weather kept some of our regulars away tonight, but we still managed 15 boats. A total of 30 bass were brought to the scale. Here are the results:

    1st Place - Rick Imler and Mike Reeves - 5 fish - 8.20 lbs

    2nd Place - Chuck Guyer and Brian Poe - 3 fish - 4.68 lbs

    3rd Place - Bill Foster and Evan Fracasso - 3 fish - 4.02 lbs

    4th Place - Matt Bores and Mike Bores - 3 fish - 3.84 lbs

    Big Bass - Bill Foster and Evan Fracasso - 2.29 lb smallmouth

    Thanks to everyone who came out to fish tonight. We will see you next week
  2. Hey Mike.... How was the water level? I heard that Griggs had came up some.


  3. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter


    It actually came up a lot. It looked (and fished) really good.
  4. well, congrats on everyone, esp. bill, brian and chuck...havent talked with you guys lately but awesome job! check out some of my scioto reports and , me and brent down the darby, and get hold of me and lets go out!