RESULTS: Griggs Wednesday Night Bass Tournament 7-23-08

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    Word is getting around about the Wednesday nighter, and as a result the turnout continues to grow! Tonight we had 15 boats come out and fish the river. A total of 42 bass were weighed-in. Here are the results:

    1st Place - Andy Fryer and Kevin Horn - 5 fish - 6.71 lbs

    2nd Place - Chuck Guyer and Brian Poe - 4 fish - 5.74 lbs

    3rd Place - Kenny Quinn and Bill Foster - 5 fish - 5.51 lbs

    4th Place - Kenny Beck - 5 fish - 5.18 lbs

    Big Bass - Andy Fryer and Kevin Horn with a 2.83 lbs largemouth

    Thanks to all who fished with us tonight. The payouts are really starting to get healthy, and will only get better with more participation.