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Results from the 9.9 eries at Leesville?

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by young-gun21, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Just curious how it went. We were down there Friday and Saturday on a musky/bass trip...
  2. well things went great at leesville mike blake&harry moore won with over 10lbs and walked away with a $900 payday ! we had the best wiegh in we have had there in6 years with alot of 5 fish limmits. muskys was also biteing very well lol my partner had 3 of them lol and several teams repoted cathing them . for the musky fishermen they was in 3 to 4 feet of water. hey younggun you should have made it a 3 day trip and fished with us these 9.9 tounys are a blast . there was also a gentalman there from the canton repository there and he got the wieghts and is supposed to have them in fridays paper.

  3. Wow, been a long time since I heard Mike Blake's name mentioned. Is he a member on this site? I used to talk to him some back in the Budweiser Bass Circuit days.
  4. Mike B is not on the site. I know mike well, he grew up with my cousin in Barnesville. Slates, tell him Steve's cousin Justin said hi and to get his tail up to chautaqua with us in July
  5. Hey Bill, Blakey is one of my best friends....I will make sure I pass on all your messages...He is a great guy and one hell of a fisherman!!!

  6. yep guys mike blake & harry moore are nice guys always fun to be around class act gentalmen all the way around!!! they are also making a run at points leaders in the 10hp circuit goes to show these guys can fish as there are alot of very good fishermen in this circuit.
  7. Mike, I do hope that you extend your 10hp circuit to the central ohio area. Keep me posted on any developments.
  8. the 10hp will be expanding to your area next year jason nelson will be the director in that area. at clending jason and i will be flipping a coin to decide wich division will pick the 1st state classic for this new venture . jason and i are supposed to be interviewed this fall on a colubus radio station about this circuit and its growth that should be good adverisement. also going to 2 divisions should help more angles to be able to fish and ease the hurt of gas prises. this should make it fun for guys with small boats to get the chance to fish a big boat format and get to enjoy the fun of it.:B
  9. Cool, I met him a few times, in the budweiser bass circuit, at BASS Seminars etc back in 2001/2002 timeframe. That was about the same time I met mikehookset! ;)