Results from Lakes Trail tourny today?

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    Anyone know any info? Thanks :) WB
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    seemed like it was tough for most just under 10 pounds to get a check on a 6 fish limit. 1st was 21 something. 2nd 14.69 3rd 14.55 4th 14.05 5th 13.19

  3. Do you know WHO won? 21lbs. is quite a bag!
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    Yeah 1st was Prvonozacs, 2nd was Salchak and corley, 3rd Hatfield and McQuate, 4th Lecon and Pierce (me and my partner), 5th Browning and Machonkey.
  5. Turned out to be a rough start with rain etc but gradually turnrd into a nice day. 87 teams caught 248 bass. All treated and released alive! Three 5 lbers and several 4's also caught. Startin to heat up! Jameson hit the main points fairly accurately so I'll just give you the top 5 and 2 big basses.:B

    1st- Nick and George Prvonozac 21.33lb $1200.
    2nd- Marty Salchak and Dale Corley 14.69 $1000.
    3rd- Mark McQuate and Steve Hatfield 14.55 $800.
    4th- Jameson Lecon and Mike Pierce 14.05 $600.
    5th- Rick Machonachy,Steve Brownimg 13.19 $500.
    :B Big Bass- Marty and Dale 5.77lb $800.
    2nd Big- Houston Hooper,Steve Sigmund 5.43lb $500.

    Event paid 11 places and 2 additional $50. gift cards from Land Big Fish which we used for 3rd and 4th big bass. I see a pattern in the top 3. 2 out of the 3 teams work in tackle stores, Land Big Fish (Marty) and Fin, Fur and Feather (Steve). Hmmmmm..... I wonder!

    Next tournament is an OPEN at West Branch on May 10th at 6:30am at Gilbert Rd ramp. Registration closes 6:15am.
    2nd Qualifier at same location 1 week later on May 18th. Start time 6am, registration deadline 5:45am.
    There are approx 10 openings left for the season and you can still guarantee a spot in this years championship.
  6. Holy cow! That's a HUGE Ohio bag even with a 6 fish limit!

    The Prvonozacs certainly know how to catch bass, that isn't the first time I've seen that name paired with a monster bag.

    That must have been a lot of fun!