Results for the 2008 Kountze Bass Open

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  1. Here are the results for the 2008 Kountze Benefit Open Bass Tournament.
    Sorry everyone for taking so long to get the results posted, i know it has been almost a month sence the event (April 19)........... We had a good morning for the event. We only had 16 boats show up. ( this was probably due to it being the first time for the event). We started the morning with Rachel Fox of Louisville, Ohio Singing the "National Anthem" she has a amazing voice and i think everyone there would agree with me.

    1st Place went to Chuck Sundermier and Adam Zhebre with 8.11lbs (5 fish)

    2nd Place went to Huston Hooper and Forest Friley with 8.08lbs (5 fish)

    3rd Place went to Ron and John O'Farrell with 8.04lbs (3 fish)

    4th Place went to Matt Evens and Jamie P. with 8.01lbs (5 fish)

    5th Place went to Tim Rhodes and Nolan Kimble with 6.12lbs (3 fish)

    Big Bass went to the Team of Ron and John O'Farrell with a 5.08lbs fish.

    I really want to thank everyone for comming out for the event as you know this was a fund raiser for the kids event that we host every year. We are throwing around the idea of having another Open in October as last event of the year kind of deal. Let me know what you think of this idea for October at Portage Lakes. Also Keep your eyes open because i will be opening the registration for the Kids Fishing Derby in the next couple of days. I will post it on the OGF for everyone. The event is on May 31. (2 weeks away) I will tell the location when i get it posted. Thanks again everyone for your support ........

    Jim Jones
    Tournament Director