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Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by weaz43, May 3, 2004.

  1. has anybody had any luck there is year yet? I was going to on Sunday but i didnot like the weather.
  2. ShoreBoundOne

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    I went out with my son on Friday for just a couple hours. I used jigs and i set him up with a minnow and bobber. He caught 1 nice slab and one largemouth. I caught didly. This weather has gottem all messed up i think. The water was vary clear on Friday.


  3. RestHaven has produced some crappies either on minnow or jig tight lining around fallen trees or branches. Seeing that RestHaven is so spread out you have to move around alot with verticile jigging to get enough crappies for a meal. The weed growth has taken off this past week and as I was fishing #10 and #8 I saw LM Bass crusing along the shoreline from time to time. The crappies this year are not bunching up as much as years past, so as I wrote I have moved alot around. All bigger crappies 10+ inches have come from the tight lining around the fallen stuff, but I so far have not had to go into the fallen branches , but on the outside edges. On a 3"worm worked slow in the flat areas I have picked up a few Bass( C&R) around 10 to 13 inches and a few larger out away from shore somewhat. Worm had to be worked really slow and around the edges of structure to work.
    Alot of guys I passed working spinner baits without much luck, still early for that If you ask me.
    The water temp for #10 is 63* and with some sun I think the crappies will pick up again. Lots of wind the last two weeks and the crappies are holding tight to structure.
    Bluegills are in large numbers again, but the greater percentage are dinks. The bigger bluegill I have caught are in four feet of water just about 2 feet off of structure using a wax worm with thin wire hook.
    I have noticed large amounts of minnows and shad this year in just about all the ponds close to shore and I believe that is affecting the surge of bites also.
    Hope this helps,