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  1. anyone live close to resthaven. wondering if the donut pond is completely open yet? wanna get out monday or tuesday. thanks for any info
  2. Fishpro

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    I wouldn't think so. All the ponds and marinas got froze over the last couple of weeks. I don't think the last couple of days would have thawed them.

  3. bassmanmark

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    Norwalk is open and Willard is open so I would think you have a better than 50% chance that it would be open especially with all this wind I would guess it is open or at least part of it is open. And with it being so shallow in most parts 68 degrees would do some damage to that ice. What ya fishin' for?
  4. since its still froze i guess ill have to go with plan b. i was gonna go bass fishin. maybe ill hit willard if its not to windy?:confused:
  5. maybe ill check out wellington and findlay st. park? :rolleyes: :p
  6. bassmanmark

    bassmanmark Workin' is for Suckers

    Killin' me with that Findlay St. Park...that place sucks...Willard not windy is a good one...Still froze huh...anyone ever ice fish there?
  7. I fished there on friday on #8 and there was 5 to 7 inches of ice before the rains came. Doubt its all gone. Probably still a couple inches of ice left.
  8. its shallow, stained, creek fed, and small. it might not be the best place to fish but damn it if it has open water im there! :p ( i dont have cabin fever!:p )
  9. tuesday im headed to wellington upground. called the water plant and he checked it out and said its completely open! :) so hopefully ill be posting pics of at least one bass. :p
  10. I am a duck hunter and with all the rain, wind and warmer temps most all marinas are open.
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    What do you guys think? I bet he caught a fat pig. Can't wait for the report!
  12. water temp 33-34 degrees. it was nice to get out but no fish. :( saw 2 on the humminbird all day and nothing of the living sort on the aquaview.:( :confused: :mad: then to top off the great day dropped the digital camera in the water at the ramp. i think its gonna survive. should of stayed here in norwalk and went crappie fishin. :p
  13. pond 8 is very clear and its the deepest pond there the one end in 15ft deep, and its not creek fed