Rest in Peace Nuxy

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  1. Broadcaster Joe Nuxall passed away last night after a fight with cancer. So long Nuxy. :( As he always said "This is the Ole' Left Hander rounding third and heading home." He's finally made it.
  2. Yep, no doubt that Cincy and all of baseball lost a great one.

  3. Lost a great one for sure...I remember my Father listening to him religiously, which meant I listened to him alot to:)
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    It is just a travesty that the Hall Of Fame did not get him in there before now. His love for the game and his "call it as he sees 'em" attitiude. will surely be missed.
  5. It is definitely the end of an era (Marty and Joe era), and now officially begin the Marty and Thom era.

    He rounded for Third and headed for the final reward.

    Rest In Peace Joe Nuxhall
  6. Pike


    With all that is wrong with baseball, Joe was what was right. The Reds broadcast will never be the same. I used to enjoy the quiet in-between the play by play, now it seems the new team is always trying to one up each other and the chatter never stops. Rest in Peace.
  7. Great tributes above. I remeber eating crackers deer meat and cheese in the evenings with my grandfather. He slow sipped his beer while we listened to Joe give us a great window into the game. I had never been to a Reds game, but listening to Joe made me feel like I had been to many. Grandpa and I never said much during the games. I was great to just listen. Years later my father and I would strain to get 700 in the car. We would travel the whole trip simply listening to Joe over the crackle of static.

    While in college Joe accompanied me on many a drive to and from school/work/the fishin hole. The trips seemed to fly by.

    Now when I listened to Reds games I would just hope I would be lucky enough to catch Joe in his few games a year. Im glad I got to hear him one last time on a long trip.

    Thanks for the memories Joe. You are the best.
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    He will be missed. What a sad day. :(
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    Summer nights listning to Marty and Joe on the radio, what great memories.

    Good by Joe.
  10. i would always watch the reds games on the tv on mute and listen to marty and joe on the radio
  11. We lost a good man, and they are in short supply these days. Couldn't count the nights I spent listening to him on the radio, sometimes sitting on a bank waiting for the cats to bite, time seemed to pass quicker that way

    Rest In Peace Joe