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Resevoir #5, Fostoria

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by #5dogsoldier, May 18, 2004.

  1. Sunday 05-16-04

    Fished #5 Sunday. Arrived at 8:00 am. Fished bottom from shore tightlining nightcrawlers. Caught 14 white bass, 10 catfish (largest being 18"), 4 perch (8-9") and one saugeye (16 ").

    Had a real nice catfish break me off.
  2. congratulations. questions:

    1. directions to the reservoir
    2. which part of the reservoir did you fish from shore
    3. how long did it take to get all those fishes.

  3. mountaindew,

    #5 is located South of the city off CR 23. CR 23 intersects with SR 12 on the eastside of the city.

    On Sunday I was fishing spots on the west and south shore in the shallowest part of the resevoir.

    I was there quite a while, had to work at it. Packed up about 1:30.

    Tried it again last night for a couple hours but the fish were less cooperative. 2 cats, 1 saugeye and 1 white bass
  4. Thats a good assortment of fish. One of the great things about fishing nightcrawlers on the bottom is you never know what you will get, everything from carp to bluegills. One time i was up in Michigan and we were fishing out on a pier at night for walleye. There was 20 people or so all together and i got tired of throwing crankbaits so i put on a crawler and threw it out and was catching catfish and sheephead and then a 20" walleye! Imagine the reaction i got from everyone who was fishing for walleye and not catching any! :p