Reservoir Smallmouths and Catfish

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  1. I havn't posted in a while so I thought I would help someone out who was having trouble catching fish here lately. I have been fishing a local upground reservoir for the past month or so and having some luck. The bass bite has slowed a little, but two of us still managed 18 smallies last night in a couple of hours, most were right at 12" and a few bigger ones. Now the catfish bite on the other hand is really heating up, in fact it was so bad we could hardly fish with a leech on one pole while trying to jig for bass on the other. The main thing to remember is when fishing in the ultra clear water in these reservoirs less is more. The less weight you use the more fish you will catch in most cases. Most of the time we start out with roadrunners or overhead spinners tipped with a worm or leech, and if that doesn't work we switch over to sliding bobbers on one rod, and a plain wire hook with as small of a weight that we can get away with on the other. Softcraws were the hot ticket yesterday but each day often proves to be different. The better size bass are keying on shallow structure and seem to be most active from about 7:30pm up until dark. Hope this helps someone out, and as always feel free to ask any questions.
  2. Have to agree with the less is more. I fish the Lima city reservoirs alot and do good on the smallies. My favorite lures are a 2 1/2 '' tube, from jannsnetcraft, in mud puppy color, or a balck & silver pop-r, both early morning and last light in the evening.

    What are the soft craws going for now, or do you get your own ?

  3. I am very fortunate to be able to get my own. We have a secret little creek that the family has been going to for 50+ years. To be honest the small to medium size hard craws work almost as good as soft ones for bass and cats. So a few of them is better than none at all if you have somewhere close.
  4. Softcraws around here seem to run 6-6.50 a dozen, I have found that sometimes a smallie will take a nice fat lively bass minnie as quickly as a craw.
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    IMO- a crawfish is a crawfish. Also, I do not believe that a fish can distinguish between a soft and hard shelled crawdad, especially before he bites. I think a fish sees a crawdad and thinks to himself, "yum, dinner time!" and NOT "I wonder if that bugger has a hard or soft shell?"

    I know some people will swear by softcraws, but $6/doz? And I have to drive to the bait shop? No thank you sir. I recently caught about 20 crawdads in 5 minutes on the river. Just look for a pool that has recently been cut off from the main stream, turn over rocks, and bingo. Furthermore- I find that using a castnet to capture baitfish is easy and fun (when you get used to it). When I actually do use live bait, It takes me 30 minutes to collect enough bait for 2 hours of solid fishing. Less time than it takes to drive to R&R and my favorite hole.
  6. I have heard that there is a difference in the smell of a softcraw and a hardcraw, how true it is Im not sure.
  7. My grandfather always told me the only difference is that soft craws are easier to get a hook into...............
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    I don't think softcraws can move around as readily therefore they stay put when casted. I had good luck crawling them over rip-rar at reservoirs..kind of hard to get more than a couple casts from one though as they seem to fall apart.
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    try using a soft craw hook it looks like a safety pin that you run through the craw and has two prongs at the end
  10. The craws I like best are what we call leathers, or papers. They are the craws that have already shed and are begining to get hard again. Their much more active than a true soft craw, but soft enough to put off the aroma that attracks fish. I lean towards the theory that the soft craws put off a stronger odor than a harder craw does, based on my expeirence fishing on bottom for carp and cats. As for jigging them for bass I think most of the strikes are a result of the bass seeing the craw so the odor plays a smaller role in the amount of strikes you get so hard craws work just about as good. Just my 2c on the subject.
  11. ive fished craws for years at knox lake for smalls lgmouth and cats, didnt see alot of diff in the hard or soft, but i noticed that the smaller or med size craws were hit alot more often, even tested putting scent on them 4 cats and it made a huge difference, ive caught most of my big fish on live bait, i fished in virginia alot and hooked leeches with a split shot, they never hit the bottom. the definitly catch bigger fish. explored this in tenn on centerhill lake, lake moo maw in virginia and knox for yrs, ill pay for them anyday to catch that big one