reservoir fishing bresler and van wert!!!

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishforlife, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. I was woundering if anyone could help with fishing either breslers or van wert? Triing to get perch and not have to go all the way too erie. I havent been on breslers for a couple years! Been on van wert and did ok but couldnt get alot of perch just couple. Thanks for any help and good luck too all
  2. ress


    Nice cold rain and the fish will turn on!

  3. GOOD LUCK, on getting any perch out of Breslers. We used to get them a few years back, but last couple of years has been tough.

    Have you ever fished Fergusion, on the east side of Lima, lot of perch in there, alot on the small side, but there is some nice ones in there 2.

    Also Metzger has some Big perch, hard to get sometimes, but you can get'em to. If you plan on fishing it, the water is down, and kind of hard to use the boat ramp, if you dont have 4 wheel drive.
  4. hey thanks alot been hearing alot about metzger have a bass boat and no 4 wheel drive. might try it with a friend and little boat sat thanks