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  1. Took a gamble on the visability today to fish out east with Joewallguy. It was raining (light) when I left home at 5:40 A.M.:confused: . The river ended up having a decent amount of visibility for bait :) . We caught enough fish to keep us entertained most of the day. Pink egg sacks were the best producer today. Dropbacks were caught in cuts and seams . It looks to be ending soon :( .

    Joe add some of your pictures.

    Here was my biggest steel today:

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    mepps is the best he always got some monsters. hey how much do you charge to just catch a monster and hand it over so I can reel it in. haha. jk. nice fish!

  3. I think I got a better pic of that beast you caught.


    Here's a few others.




    Thanks again for the hog slaying lesson Mepps. Great day!
  4. Great job guys. I hit an east side trib and went 7 for 8 in only about an hour and a half of fishing from 3-4:30. I was really the only one out there, too.
  5. nailed some fish myself. surprised by all the fresh fish in the river. the top pic is a plump fresh fish with great colors, sadly the camera didnt pick them up.
  6. Nice job guys. That top pic of the first post is a hogger!
  7. Nice job on the steelies guys, I really need to get up north and do some more fishing before it's to late.
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    Those are are some beautiful fish, how much longer do you think we have before they move out?
  9. Mepps you the man, just goes to show when you take the time to know your setup the possabilites are endless. Great fish you guys keep them comin.
  10. I think we will have one more push of fish. I would say by the end of next week they will have mostly left. They will be very spotty after that.
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    Nice looking fish guys... great job this season Mepps.
  12. Mepps can i go fishin with you next year:)
  13. If you are willing to put in the time the easier it becomes to catch steel. I have been fishing for steel since the late 80's and did not have much success until the mid 90's. The best thing to do is fish for smallmouth on the same rivers you fish for steelhead. They both like the same type of water and you will learn much more about the river and how to fish it correctly.
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    Them's words of wisdom right there -