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  1. I fished late morning today with my friend Rick on the Rocky. The water was not as dirty as I thought it might be when we arrived. To be honest I was not expecting to catch much considering the weather of recent. I managed to have a decent day of fishing with the center pin. I was using king eggs from Erie Outfitters in pink sacks with floaters to add some color. The big fish were on today as I lost 2 fish bigger then the 27" 11lbs 8 ounce steelhead (I had a digital scale to verify the weight :)).

    Anyways here is this fatty:



  2. CoolWater

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    I was forced to do domestic things today... bad long 'honey do' list... had convinced myself I wasn't missing much til your pics - thanks a lot. :(

    Seriosuly though, nice catch - very nice fish! :)
  3. liquidsoap

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    thats a fat one!
    Nice job!
  4. Now that right there is a HOGG.....Thats the reason we do all of this....... to land a beauty like that!:B
  5. zachtrouter

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    That thing is a freakin' HOSS. Beautiful fish man!
  6. I need to get one of those, real nice.