Replacement rod eyes

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  1. Does anyone know where to get rod eyes replaced in the Dover,Canton area? My former boss needs some work done and I have a few myself that need done. Thanks
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    did you get my directions i pm'd you

  3. Though not in your area, Rodmakers Shop in Strongsville, Ohio does excellent guide replacement. They match the guides (if available) as well as the windings. Might be worth a ride up to their shop if you have several repair requirements.
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  5. Yea I got them,Thanks. Jesse is going to go see him so I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks Shortdrift,I'd like to get to rodmakers also and will the next time I'm in that area.
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    i live in east,canton and i build custom bass rod;s and could help you and the boss'out tell me about the rod's the size the tipe cast os spin.what you are looking for,and you wont half,to ship;since,were close to each other thanks.mark,
  7. I'm pretty sure they are spinning rods,I'll let you know. I have some trolling rods that need the eyes replaced before spring.