Replacement reel for garcia mitchell?

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  1. I'm in the market for a couple of new spinning reels, but I'm not sure what brand/model. I wonder if anybody out there could give me some idea of what I should get. Let me tell you first, that I've almost exclusively used Garcia Mitchell reels for the past 35 years. Had some that lasted for a good twenty years (except for the bail spring). But lately the quality has gone downhill IMHO. I've had the anti-reverse break on one, and the drag has acted funky on another. Those are pretty basic reel functions, and they were not quality made.

    Is it still possible to get a great reel at a good price, or do I have to pay through the nose for something that will last? I know, you get what you pay for, but there must be some mid-priced reels that can deliver the goods.

    I'm looking for medium weight (10-12lb line) with ball bearings. A good bail that isnt hard to trip would be nice. I've seen these magnetic ones advertised: Are they any good? Are any reels made that have the flange of the spool resting inside the reel casing? Years ago I tried a reel with the flange outside of the casing, and it seemed like whenever I used light baits with little weight, the line would get tangled under the spool.

    I havent been shopping yet, and I suppose they can help me out at a good shop, but I figure a few hundred heads are better than one. Thanks.
  2. Either the Shimano Sahara or the Shimano Sedona would be a good reel at a good price, 49-59 dollars at BassPro

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    I use garcia 300As for every thing from walleyes to salmon.I don't like the newer high speed reels.However every thing I use is old and I don't catch very many fish.
  4. I purchased a couple of Diawa Tierras last spring. They are smooth as silk, and have a sturdy, over sized bail.
  5. Thanks for the advise guys! I do appreciate it. I had looked at those Shimanos online before, but didnt know if they were any good. I'll go to a big store so I can look at all of your suggestions up close (then buy online).