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  1. Has any one tried any of the higher end replacement props for the MinnKota trolling motors? I have a Minn Kota Maxxum 55#.

    I found, which makes some pretty serious claims about improving performance, etc. Has anyone had any luck with this or any of the other brands out there? I was going to order one of the Kipawa props, but figured I could hold off long enough to see if any of you had experience with it or other types (don't really want to get burned for $36 if they don't do much).

  2. Can't imagine what type of performance increase you could expect on an electric trolling motor. :confused: Would seem to me that the motor manufactuirer would have optimized the prop selection regarding speed versus amp draw which equates to run time as well as wear and tear on running gear components. Just my opinion. :)

  3. according to the ad, it is speed, battery life and manuverability. I do electric only lakes on a small boat, so battery life is a premium. Nobody has tried this?
  4. The prop looks like it would give more thrust than the one that I have on my motor now . If it gives more thrust at a lower speed I could see how you would get more life out of your battery. I might give one a try....JIM
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    Looks like it's a 3 blade vs. the 2 blade the motors come with....might be onto something.
  6. Just buy it. If your not impressed theres EBAY!!
  7. I have read more than one report that yes it did cut through weeds better and gave better performance but every claim also stated that their motor burned up shortly after installing this prop. Be sure to keep your old prop to put back on in case warranty claims are needed. Minn Kota does have a new prop out that came standard on my new 80 lb thrust that is very weedless. I cannot compare performance since I had a 65 lb thrust before.
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    kipawa is a sponsor for LADO bass series, try contacting some of the guys who fish that, I know some of the use them.