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  1. I'm sending an old Fenwick back in to be replaced. I wanted to have it repaired but they only replace broken poles.

    They want a letter on how it was broken. Does anyone out their have any advice as to how I should word this letter. The second eye from the tip broke off.

    Also whats a good model. I was thinking about upgrading to their top of the line. The HMX model comes at no additional cost and is third in their line.
  2. Tell them exactly the truth. I believe their warranty states something like "we warrant the rods to be free from defects in materials or workmanship". Was the failure related to either of these? If so, relate this in your letter. If you broke it due to abuse, why would you feel it should be covered? Even if you did break it, they may still replace it for a small fee. JMO.


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    A few years ago, I had two brand new, identicle Fenwick rods break casting a 1/4 oz jig.

    Both had never been used before (brand new, first cast for both, about three minutes apart), and both broke in exactly the same spot, about 3" down from the tip.

    I called Fenwick, and was told to send them in, which I did, on my dime. Weeks went by, so I called them. They looked up my info, and I was told that they would not be replaced, because they broke due to pilot error. I then asked why I have not yet recieved the broken rods back, and was told that they throw returned defective rods away. I then discussed with the rep that they would not replace them, claiming they were not defective, but then they throw them away, claiming that they were. The rep had nothing to say to that, and that I was pretty much out $250.

    That was the biginning, middle, and end, to my experience with Fenwick products.
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    I broke a one year old fenwick last May. My buddy took it to Highway Bait (his Neighbor ) they sent back for me and fenwick replaced No questions asked. Heck I fell on the rod and broke it so it was my fault. And you could tell that is how it broke. Did cost me $20 for shipping ! better than buying a new one for $100. I am Looking to buy 6 new ones for my Charter boat this spring for the customers.
  5. My rod definately broke through no fault of my own. It was resting against the wall in the basement. The one thing that worries me is that it's about ten years old. It's a discontinued model and was purchased around 1997. I might as well send it for an even exchange and see what happens. I called their toll-free line and was told that they would look at it to determine if an exchange was appropriate.
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    A rod can break and it can seem to for no reason. While it is possible ,but most of the time it has been weakened from something that was done to it during a earlier fishing trip etc. A very small knick in the rod is enough to break it when fighting a fish, setting the hook etc. How many times have you watched someone pick up a rod and bend it to check the action, also a big no no. I just cringe when I see that done, especially to one of my rods.