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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Djtrikee, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Djtrikee

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    Does any one know if I can rent a boat at Alum or Hoover, or anywhere else in columbus? Thanks
  2. Welsh Dragon

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    I was just looking at Alum Marina's website. You can rent boats there for a reasonable amount: the www)

    I did notice that this looks like an old rate sheet as I found another page with higher rates: the www.)

    I am going to try to get them to give me the cheaper rates as they are considerably cheaper.

    I just don't know if it's worth renting a boat at Alum this week. I was planning on doing it AM Wed or Thursday. I would be fishing the coves for bass and may fish for others in deeper water. I just don't know how much luck people have been having due to the weird weather.

  3. SwollenGoat

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    Yes, you can rent from the Alum Creek Marina. No commercially rented boats available at Hoover unfortunately. *However, I did see an ad on Craigslist the other day where a person was offering to rent his pontoon that was docked at Hoover. Might wanna' do a search on CL under the boat section.

    FWIW - I will give you 2 pieces of advice if you are going to try to rent a boat this holiday weekend.

    1. Get there as soon as they open. As busy as the 4th is, there will likely be several folks there trying to rent a boat.

    2. Make sure to inspect everything on the boat with one of the staff before taking the boat out. (Especially ask to see the prop out of the water before leaving the dock.) I had a very bad experience many years ago at Alum Creek Marina and I have never been back because of it.