Removing Painted Letters from Boat Gelcoat

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bigwalleye, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. I bought my boat from out of state and it still has the name of the city, state(Manistee, MI) painted on the side of the boat. I've heard that EZ off oven cleaner works to remove paint from the gelcoat, but does it do any damage? also, what are the chances that I can still see the 'shadow' of the name after I've done it? I'd prefer to just leave it on if that is the case.

    also, need to remove the old registration numbers and apply new OH numbers. any advice for removing these? these are stickers, not painted on.

    thanks for any advice.


    it depends on how long the letters have been on there if it will leave a shadow or not but i dont know if it will damage the gel coat or not.u could use a hair dryer if u do not have a heat gun to take off the stickers and then use goo gone or a wax and grease remover to take any glue off that has been left behind.where are u located at?

  3. EZ off will take it off. But use it sparingly! Only spray the part you want off and don't let it run because it will streak. I used it on the doors of my truck. But the rest I'd say NUM1FIRE covered it.
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    use carburator cleaner
  5. the heat gun should work well on both, BUT ,I:D bet your gonna have shadows, might be able to use some cleaner wax and rub them out. use a puddy knife on the paint ,heat it up work it off .


    if u use a putty knife get a plastic one because u can take a chanse of really scratching the gel coat if u use a metal on. a cleaner wax will not take the shadow out because the writeing will be etched into the gel coat, the same goes for automotic paint too if it is left on too long. if u use the heat gun will have to watch they do get the thing u are heating up really hot if u are not careful, and u can take a chance of burning or blistering the thing u are working on. thats why i asked where he was located that way if he needed some help but he must be on vacation.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I don't really know how long the painted letters have been on, but I'd have to guess quite a few years (10 maybe?). I may try a portion of it first to see what I get. As for the numbers, that's a good idea and good advice on the heat gun. I used one to help strip paint my front door (on my house) and ended up cracking one of the 'lights' or small pieces of glass from excessive heating. Live and learn.

    I'm in NE ohio, the boat is near Chesterland, but it's nothing I'm in a hurry to do. I have the boat stored indoors out there so I've got a little bit of time before the spring bite. Thanks for the offer NUM1FIRE and the advice from everyone else.