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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BigDaddy300, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Was considering a remote start as a gift and was wondering if anyone can offer some advice. Brands, places to buy, price range? Right now it is just a thought and haven't researched anything yet. Thanks!:)
  2. i bought one for my dad like 8 years ago sorry the place is out of business. he really liked it, it was pretty cool had no problems with it.

  3. Bought one for my wife a few years ago. She absolutely loved it. HOWEVER, there was a problem with the ignition. Every 10-20 starts, completely random, the ignition would recognize there was no key in the ignition (it is chipped)? The car wouldnt start and we had to wait 8 minutes before trying again with the key. It was a total bummer. Had it back to the shop 4 times before I told them to take it out (two different units too, a free upgrade didnt work either). Our youngest son was a month old at the time and sitting in an ice cold car for an extra 8 min. in freezing temps was unacceptable.

    I spoke with the dealer and they dont even install them. I was suprised to hear that.

    I have spoken with many people who love them.

    We have a 2003 Saturn L200.

    the shop was in Parma, maybe called "Hot Wheels" on Chevy Blvd at Snow. I think they really tried, buy I wouldnt go back there
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    Most are made by the same parent company (DEI I believe) but marketed under different brand names. Viper and Clifford are two that come to mind. I'd also check out the smaller specialty type stores that deal in stereo sales and installations. They usually will be able to install them for less than the big chains. Cost will also depend on the type of vehicle and factory locking/security system on the vehicle. Also, the functionality of the remote started will play a part in the cost.
    I have the Clifford which includes remote start, Alarm and delayed shut down...I had it setup to delay the start for 30 seconds (diesel) so the glow plugs could do their thing.
    Cost can be $200-$750 depending on how you want it setup and if you need any special relays (these can be costly).
    Hope this helps...!
  5. Use caution if you have a new vehicle under the manufacturer's warranty - by installing the remote start you are typically voiding your warranty.
    Read very carefully.
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    My Dad and I are going in on one for my Mom's vehicle this xmas, we are going to Audio Visions in strongsville. My uncle owns the place so we trust the installer not some 18 year old kid at Best Buy, the dude over there knows his stuff and he's done awesome work for me in my last truck when I had a sick system put in. They only sell the good stuff over there so we'll buy whatever they have, stop up and see what they got, tell Eric I sent you...probably should use my last name not Kgone LOL :p
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    Would that be"Kielbasa" :)
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    You really get what you pay for. I had a Clifford installed two vehicles ago and was very satisfied. I dont know where you are in NEO, but Auto Sound on Rt. 20 in Willoughby does absolutely amazing work. Ralph, the owner, is a great guy and will answer all of your questions.
  9. When i brought my car, a 05 mustang, there was one already installed when i got it, and there's nothing nicer when its freezing out side to come to a heated up car that i started while i was still in the house, I dont know what brand it is, but I LOVE mine.
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    One thing that was only mentioned briefly...

    These things will void your warranty in some cases. Depending on the year/make of the vehicle, I'd check with a local dealership. I just bought a Silverado, and Chevy now offers factory installed remote starts that don't void the warranty.
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    Avoid the Viper brand if possible. I have one and the remote lock feature works great, however, the remote start will work sometimes. I can't figure out what causes it to work sometimes and not others. The remote lock works even when the remote start will not, so I'm totally confused... I have another brand (CompuStar) on a different vehicle that was more expensive that works great everytime! It will even alert you back, when your vehicle is started and has a 1000' range. I would recommend the CompuStar to anyone! -Hooch-
  12. i did auto customizing for 10 years, if its not factory or factory supported, it will void the warranty, for certain areas of the warranty, a remote start system splices into the vehilces main electrical harness which will void your electrical portion of your warranty, but your drive train and power train will remain intact unless it is an electrical issue which most vehicles today have some sort of electronic control, things like aftermarket radios and such wont void a warranty cause you can easily replace the factory unit back in, if the vehicle is under warranty still i advise against it unless you can get a factory starter kit installed (not an aftermarket). now if your not worried about your warranty by all means go for the remote starter, matter of fact if your in the datyon area i heard a commercial for california customs on 741 in west carrollton is offering a complete purchase and installation for $169 no catches.
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    I installed a Bulldog Model Deluxe 200 on the wife's Silverado. Bulldog had the best instructions on-line as far as I could find. It also required an additional module (GMDL-BP) that interfaces with the vehicle's security system and power locks (most do). The module taps in to the computer data wire on the ODBII plug. You don't have to go tearing into the door panels to access power lock wires. You can also save yourself time by buying a wiring harness on-line that plugs in between a harness plug in the steering column (saves having to tap in to 4 wires in the steering column, though you will still need to tap in to several other wires. Bulldog has pictures for each vehicle application that helps with this process. A couple reasons I bought the Bulldog Deluxe 200 was the LCD display on the remote, and the antenna. The remote shows you the status of the vehicle (you can see if the vehicle actually started or not if it is out of your sight). The Deluxe 200 is (was) one of the least expensive of the remote starters with LCD display. There are two basic types of antennas. A cheaper loop (wire) antenna and this one's better quality longer range antenna module. The range on this unit is rated for a half mile. It shoots through our garage wall to start the truck.

    You can save some bucks by installing your own. But, when they say the average install time is 1-2 hrs they are BSing you. If you've never done it before, factor in about 4-5 hrs (if you have all the extras needed) to make sure you've wired it correctly. Now that I've done one, I can probably do another Silverado in 2 hrs. You will be taking the steering column covers and your lower instrument panel covers off, tapping in to several wires, mounting a hood switch, and have to securely mount a remote starter box and Passlock interface module somewhere behind the instrument panel.
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    I stopped over at your house today and you weren't home. I got to talking to your wife and mentioned you were thinking about getting a remote car starter as a gift for someone? Was that wrong? If so I appologize!!!

    My wife had one on her last car an LOVED IT!
  15. if you get a alarm make sure you get triggers on your doors hood,trunk, tailgate,campertop etc..i had a code alarm on a 1988 grand am back in the day and they got me for 4 12's,a soundstream 10.0 amp and an eclipse head unit at kettering movie theater back in 1995. man i am getting old.
  16. i have a remote starter on my blazer i loved it. idon't have to scrap my windows then they frost up just start your motor and wait until your windows is clear and your car will be warm.

  17. I 'd watch that doghouse clip Tigger posted b-4 giving it to my wife,,,,,LOL...It's better than a dual bag but it ain't a fur coat.....
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    My sister and I both received Bullbog remote starters for Christmas a couple years ago. Same model I believe. I think that my Dad regretted buying them because he and I were tinkering around for about 1.5hrs to get it put in my truck and another 45minutes on my sisters car on Christmas morning. They do work very well. I was impressed by the range even from my basement level apartment to a parking lot on the other side of the building about 80 yards away.

    The one thing I'll say though, is that we have not received amazing customer service since we put it in. Somehow I shorted out my remote a little over a year ago and have had the hardest time getting ahold of the company. We have left several messages, emails, etc and I still don't have a working remote. I found a guy that thinks he can fix it (outside of Bulldog), so we'll see how that goes. But, my sister's remote still works so I don't fault the company for the malfunction, just the poor service.
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    No problem. I talked my way out of it. Just don't mention it to your wife because I was going to get it for her!!!:p
  20. I have had one for 6 years now and works great. The brand is Polar. Bulldog is a good unit if you get the high end one. The only problem is finding someone to install it with warrenty. I would check around places that have been around and will be around for years to come. Just to make sure it can be fixed on warrenty. The polar is lifetime. Price was @ 300 installed. Also great to have so the engine warms up before the wife can just get in and fire it up and drive off and tear the motor up.