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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by snake69, Dec 23, 2007.

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    Anyone own one? What's your thoughts and opinions, pros and cons? Thinking of buying one, would really like to hear some thoughts on these. Haven't decided if I'll go with Motor Guide or Minn Kota, unless I hear something that changes my mind from all of you.
  2. I have a Minkota Riptide that I love. Its on my 18' center console. I don't like the wrist band much but I do like the mounts for the fishing pole. I use only spinning reels though, so I don't know how well that would work on a baitcaster. Its real nice to be able to move around the entire boat and still control the trolling motor while still fighting the fish! You'll get frustrated at first if you are not use to electronic steering. Doesn't move as quickly as a foot pedal with cable steering.

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    My bud couldnt wait to get one and ive never even seen him use it. In essence a foot controlled is much better since it leaves your hands free when youre actually fishing. The only reason I can see for having the hand held is if you're a bass guide and dont want to hog up the front of the boat you can just sit at the steering wheel.
  4. Dont want to venture too far from your question, but...

    I bought a Minn Kota with auto pilot this year and love it. It wont hold you in the exact position, but it is awsome for a variety of applications. I have used it trolling, casting and on electric only lakes when motoring to a new spot. It frees up your hands (and feet) so you can take off fish, tie on new baits, etc, while still holding you on course. I cant tell you how many times in the past I looked down to do something and looked back up to find the boat is turned. The motor came with 18 ft. of cable for the foot control, so I can move the pedal to the back of the boat if I wish and maintain control. I was going to order the co-pilot feature (remote), but do not see a need with the features I already have in this motor.
  5. I just put one one my 17ft IT"S ok .gotta get use to it .[ motorguide ],seems to be a good motor. don;t think you would go wrong with either brand .
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    Sounds like you have the same motor I'm looking at, the Minn Kota power drive w/auto pilot. Countless times I've looked up and had to drop what I was in the midst of, because I was heading where I didn't want to go. I think both features would be really sweet. I do alot of inland lakes and resevoirs, and that's where the remote would be handy when following the shoreline. The auto pilot wouldn't be such a good idea because of all the ins and outs of the shoreline. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Elkhtr - buy the co-pilot (remote)!
    The features you mentioned and liked are only enhanced by the remote. IMO that is the best feature of the Riptide I own. I have mine mounted to my fishing poles and while I'm retrieving lures I can manuever the boat with just my thumb. You'll want mounts for every pole but they are cheap. You don't have cumbersome foot pedals and cables in your way and it can even help land fish by keeping them away from your trolling motor. I also like how I can be in the back of the boat working on something and still control my boat easily.
    Snake69 if you want to trial one before you spend that kind of money let me know, I'd be happy to take you out on my boat first. I know I struggled pretty hard with the decision before I made it but for my type of fishing, am glad I bought it.
  8. I like the long cable more then the remote. The remote gets used maybe 2 times a year.
  9. What is the range of the remote. Could you launch a boat and then drive it back to the dock?
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    Wow...what a way to screw with somebody...imagine the possibilities! :D
  11. I have put my boat in and not tied it off, parked the truck and come back to ramp and used remote to manuever boat back to me. That usually gets alot of looks and conversations. Not sure what the exact range is though. Have thought of using it to mess with people, just haven't come up with any real good ideas yet. Might need to borrow someones dog. :)
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    For fishing Erie I love it for both open water smallies and eyes.

    If I were an inland lake shoreline oriented fisherman it would not be my first choice
  13. Snake,

    I've had the MK AP on the last 2 boats I've owned. The AP and CP features are sweet for the types of fishing I usually do. It works well for holding a course while trolling or for casting a shoreline. IMO if you fish heavy current, flip into cover or vertical jig the foot (cable) control is the way to go. Conversely, that type of motor is practically usless for trolling. Which type to choose boils down to what type of fishing you do most often.