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  1. anybody have an opinion on a kool r/c for my kid?
  2. my grandson likes r/c planes .you can get them either battery or gas



    how much do u want to spend? and what does he like cars, trucks,boats,helicopters? like jim said u can get them in either gas or electric? i use to be into the r/c planes and 1 good crash and there went some money down the drain in a hurry, and i dont know what one is cheaper the r/c planes or haveing a boat lol
  4. Hey, Buzzed

    how old is your kid? Plane, car or boat?

    My son has about a dozen cars and trucks. Gave him his first one in 1985. He still races them about every weekend in the summer.

    Tell me what you need and I'll ask him what is the best for the least amount of $$.
  5. I would steer him towards a boat due to the red tape in flying a Plane. I have a RC airport close to my home and have taken my Grandson there several times. Unless you have your own private place to fly it there are many restrictions to be aware of. Flying clubs have to have insurance. I also think you need to be Licensed to operate them, not sure but I do know the guys that fly around here have to pass a test, Not sure but if I were you I would look into it. A boat you can use on the rivers or ponds in parks or just about anywhere. Have Fun.


    i use to belong to a club to fly my plane and i have gotten alot of help from guys in the club to help me fly the planes i use to have, but i didnt need a license just have to memeber of the club and a member of ama. each club is different
  7. i would stick with the smaller scale and electric, then work up to the bigger scales and nitro eventually, find out what his or her intrests are, planes trucks cars onroad offroad, this will determine alot, but for now i would say a truck would be a good bet, planes u are limited to areas in which u can fly one which for a child not being able to go out and play with it everyday or often would take there enjoyment factor down a notch, id go with a mini truck or car to start off with something they can bash, like a Losi Mini LST or a Team Associated RC18MT, i would steer clear of the walmart toys r us type RC Vehicles, although they are cool looking and look like loads of fun, they can not handle the abuse that the commercials say they can, atleast with a hobby RC Vehicle if something breaks u can easily go to the nearest hobby store and get replacement parts and be back up in running in no time. u can even get RC Cars as small as 1.27th scale and by no means are they slow or non realistic, they are just as much fun as the bigger scales, but made more for indoor use or smooth carpet or concrete.
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    The X-mods from Radio Shack are small but very fast and upgradeable. Last time I saw them, they ran about $50 with upgrades for motors, suspension, tires and wheels, even extra batteries and neon kits. (Yeah, even neons!) My buddy had about $300 invested in his. Pretty cool stuff.
  9. I have two R/C boats ,one has a weed eater motor ,[if it had wings it;d fly] the other has a smaller motor works great , how about a GOOD rod/reel combo with a loaded tackle box.