Remington Model 742

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  1. Well my girlfriends dad keeps hearing yotes at night and lent me his Remington Model 742 30/06 and told me to get out there and start taking care of them yotes. Its got a scope on it. Just curious on how far of shots can I expect with a 125 grain soft tip bullet ? Thanks..............Rich
  2. I would check the zero on it first and make sure its still on and maybe get used to it, once you make sure of your zero the 06 round is capable of shots beyond what most shooters are.

  3. Thats what I'm gonna do tomorrow. Just wasn't sure what to sight a scope in for a 30/06 ? Thanks.....Rich
  4. Thats what I kinda thought. I know the 30/06 is a big gun for yotes but we have a 60 horse and 25 cow farm here and we don't need any animals coming up missing.......Thanks..............Rich
  5. I shoot 125 grain ballistic tips in my Rem 700 30-06 and they are absolute tack drivers. Sight in at 100 yards , then just do the math for longer shots. Smallmouth hit it on the head, the '06 is capable of shots that we're not. A 'yote at 250 should be relatively routine.
    Get after those dogs !!!
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    you can NEVER have too much gun:D
  7. My thoughts exactly, ezbite !!!!
  8. I use 125gr Noslers in my 700VS in 308 and I know for a fact that 1 its a very accurate combo, and 2 that gun is capable of way more than I am.