Remington Help Needed!!!!!!

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  1. I have an old Remington Fieldmaster .22 cal model 121. I took it apart to clean it for the first time and somewhere in the process, I found that a small piece fell out and I'm having a hard time finding out where it goes. This piece measures about 1.5" long, 1/16" thick and is slightly taller on once side. I know that this explanation is pretty vague, but I would imagine if you have this gun you have ran into this problem before.

    This one is kicking my butt! I have never had any problems getting a gun put back together after a complete break down, but spent about 2 hours last night screwing around with it. :mad:

    If you could help me I would appreciate it GREATLY!!!!! A parts diagram would to good too!!!

  2. it almost sounds like the firing pin but if you can post a pick i could tell you right now

  3. is it the magazine follower?? one end would be a little skinier to fit into the magazine spring.
  4. Good idea guys. Here they are. I need to find out how the "pin" below the .22 cartridge fits in the whole picture.




    To get an idea of where I think it came out, I pulled the stock/trigger assembly from the ejector frame.

    Then I pulled the springloaded brass loading tube from the magazine tube.

    The magazine tube and the bolt come out by pulling it back through the ejector frame toward the butt of the gun.

    This is where I am 99% sure it came from. I noticed it after I pulled the bolt and magazine from the ejector frame.

    I am pretty sure it would be used to help eject the cartridge, but am clueless on how to get it assebled.
  5. first off I've never owned one of these but I imagine it would operate much like a pump shot gun. look to see if it fits on one side of the receiver behind were the mag tube fits into the receiver to act like a round stop. Another trick I have used when I have had a hard time finding what if wrong with a fire arm (I was and armorer in the Corps) was to take rounds and just cycle them through slowly and watch to see if the problem was in the feeding or the extraction. You already know what the problem is (part not put into weapon) but this would give you an idea of what the part does. once you know that you should be able to see were it should go.

    edit: I'm not saying shot the gun!!! just manually chamber and eject the rounds and do it slowly and watch the round to see were the problem is. Keep the weapon in a safe direction while you do this.
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  6. Thanks for the reply junkyardbass. I found that this part helps guide the nose of the bullet into the chamber. After about 4 hours of looking I found a website that explained how to dissasseble a Model 12 which is darn near the same gun.

    I swear the author can read your mind. LOL. In it they state: "The retainer lays up against the barrel & is secured by it's notch that goes over the front of the receiver that is protruding downward & when the action bar unit is removed the retainer will fall out & you probably did not realize where it came from."

    I figured that if anyone had taken one of these apart before without a manual they would have HAD to had the same problem as I did.
  7. glad to hear you found your answer. I'll bet you'll never forget were that piece goes even if you forget everything else about that gun:D