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  1. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    I know some of you guys are excited over the opening of a new bait shop in Coventry, so here is a reminder of today's grand opening. From a previous post:

    Hello Everyone, My name is Jeff Cady, I am the owner of the new store, LandBigFish. We are located in in Coventry Plaza, 3333 Manchester Rd. Here are some details about the store and our grand opening.

    Our grand opening is Saturday, September 22nd from 9AM to 7PM. Hightlights include:

    -FLW Champion, Scott Suggs will be there, as well as FLW Pro Dave LeFevre.
    -Multiple door prizes every 20 minutes, ALL DAY LONG
    -2007-08 Ranger boats will be on display, courtesy of Vic's Sports Center
    -Free food and drink
    -Kids casting contest
    -Mapquest link if you are not from the area.
  2. I stopped in today ,nice lay out. would like more erie equipt for us guys/gals that fish erie , sure a nice big selection of lures etc , very friendly folks .

  3. Stopped in today also, I saw the crew from Vics and They brought out a few nice boats today. I also meet Jeff and we talked about the selection of Erie stuff. Jeff said he will be getting more stuff in, but was waiting on some feedback from us as to what we would like to see. He did not want to buy a bunch of equipment that would not be used. I suggested he get a hold of HET and Shortdrift, since I know they spend a lot of time at the big lake. However feel free to mention somethings you would like to see and I'm sure he will get a list together and work on getting it in the store.:)
  4. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    In the bait category the only thing I didn't see was Tom Mann's baits. I like the Hard Head series in the finesse and have ordered it off the website but would like to avoid the shipping charges.

    Nice Grand Opening and I picked up a lot of freebies and give-aways. Plus I'm going to finally try that Gamma line.

  5. Is there a selection of Fly Fishing/Tying gear?