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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by DaleM, Jun 2, 2007.

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    I know Memorial day is over but please watch this video and remember our fighting men and women in harms way: They all need us to think of them and say a few words to keep them safe. As a veteran I know how much these words and thoughts mean.
    This was made by a 15 years girl, quite a piece of work. Make me proud to be a veteran knowing we have Young people that appreciate what we did or are doing.
    Please don't post negative comments here as this is just something to honor our Military men and women.
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    Your absolutely right Dale. The video was one the best I have seen so far. People, please read Orlando's thread and show your support for our deployed troops fighting the Global War on Terrorism by sending a care package in the name of OGF and you. Cut and paste the link below in your browser for more details. Orlando is a hero in my eyes for taking on such a honorable task!

  3. i would like to think that if anyone even thought of posting a negative post you guys would ban them from this site ( and maybe shoot them for not being american)