Reloading tumbler ques??

Discussion in 'Guns and Ammo' started by jigger69, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. jigger69

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    how long do you guys tumble your brass,and what is the best media to use,and do you add any polishing compounds to it
  2. I prefer the walnut and never added a cleaner or additive to
    it, but cannot say the same for corn tho I was always adding something. As for the time in the
    tumbler its a tough call depending on what and how rounds have I put in it. I just set
    it forget it and check it when I remember after a few hour and
    see if the reached the cleaning
    I desire it to be.

  3. littleking

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    i leave mine on overnight, i use corn cob media
  4. BigV

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    I use walnut as well. You can pick it up cheap at most pet stores as it is used for lizard bedding. It’s a little larger in size, but works just as well. If your media is new, 2 to 3 hours will clean even the dirtiest brass. After it gets used a lot, the time required will be greater and greater until you pitch the old and start with fresh. There are lots of additives you can use to get the brass really shiny. I use Dillon Rapid Polish 290 and it does a great job. A couple cap full’s poured into the media each batch does the trick.
    Some say corn cob media shines brass better, but I always use walnut so I can’t say for sure.