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  1. Anyone one here reloading sabot style slugs. I have been doing some reading on the topic and not found any great results. I have a friend of a friend that claims he loads the 350 gr hornady sabots with great succes. He apparently only uses a lee loadall and a roll crimper. Just wanted to get anyone's thoughts or results. I shoot a 12 ga. heavy barrel single shot H&R. It shoots fantastic groups out to 100 yds, but would like to get something that shoots a little faster and flatter than my 3" lightfields. Something more along the lines of my Omega muzzleloader. Any thoughts.
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    It is possible in theory, but I've never met anyone who actually does it. I am calling Bravo Sierra on your buddy. With all of the variables to consider, I would avoid it for safety's sake.

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    I've been pouring and reloading my own slugs for years for our entire hunting party.

    I pour the 525gr Lyman Sabot Slug. This slug looks like an overgrown .22 cal. pellet.

    Currently reloading them in a Remington STS case with a Winchester AA12 wad and a fold crimp.

    Out of my Remington 870 Super Slugger with a Leupold 1x4 scope, I can achieve 3" groups (3 shot) at 100 yards when shot off of a Lead Sled rest.

    They also shoot well out of smooth bores and they are destructive on deer.

    The best thing is, I can reload 100 slugs for what some of you pay for 5.