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  1. I am looking for a new release. I want a strap/buckle type that goes around your wrist. I am using one of those small strings tied onto my bow string. I dont like the double caliper types. I had one and it doesnt release the string correctly. Feels like it hangs up slightly.
    I do like the ones that have one side of the jaw that moves when released.
    Does anyone have any preference on release types? I hate to spend all that money and then not like it. Any advise would be appreciated.

  2. GPtimes2

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    I use the Scott (buckle type and one side release) and like it a lot. It is three yrs. old with a fair amount (thousands) of shots with no problems. They have several models to choose from and are usualy rated highly by those who use them.:)

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    I also use a string loop, but prefer the double caliper. I find that I do not have to really "look" down to see if I am on it. I just glance at it and know that when I "click" it it is on and not coming off. I also like to just give it a very slight tug right before I draw to be sure. What you might want to do is pick up a release that allows you adjust the tension needed to release the arrow. I have both a cobra and a tru fire. The release I started out with on my new Hoyt just did not feel smooth and was causing me to yank it. I switched up and set the other release up to the lightest setting I could get away with. When at full draw I simply slide my finger from behind the trigger and barely touch the trigger to release. Feels smooth and fluid now plus I took my 3" groups to "can't afford to shoot at the same dot and bust anymore arrows". Good luck with whatever you find. BC
  4. i use a tru ball copper head 2 sided and it works fine but they also have the one sided and it is a buckle type u can go to ur there web site
  5. [​IMG]i use a hand held rope release that i love.. i dont like pulling back with my wrist or the caliper type either that feel like they're hangin up. my rope realeses clean and you pull it back with your hand not your wrist very smoother all around..only thing is when your hanting with it, it is not as conveinant as a wrist type model.
  6. I shoot a scott rhino and love it. The thing I like about not having two jaws is that I don't have to pull the trigger to hook it onto my string loop. And with only 1 moving part I feel there is less of chance of the release influencing the shot. But You give up holding the string as securely.
  7. Scott Little Goose.....sweet smooth one side release.
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    The Scott Little Goose is an excellent release and you would be hard to find a better wrist strap release, but there is one IMO and thats the Carter 2 Shot. Its a bit on the expensive side, but its the best feeling(to me) index finger release out there. I like it better than the Scott simlpy because you can change the springs in it and change the tension of the trigger. I like a heavy trigger so I don't punch the shot and use back tension to get the release to go off.;) !% :!
  9. double caliper gator jaws release..if you can find one that is..great release..