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    "-It is unlawful to clean fish or posses fillets while on or at a body of water."

    Exception: on the ride back on Lake Erie ferry from islands keep fillets whole and show 1"X1" skin on each.

    Wouldn't want any members breaking the law/disregarding fishing regulations in the future.
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    I think I also made a fire within city limits...oops! Explain to me this also. Why are there STATE INSTALLED cleaning tables at Alum, Erie sites, and various other lakes/fishing locations around the state?



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    I did a little research to find out. This is what I came up with.

    So since I was looking for information, I expected to get the "run around". So I searched for OAC 1501:31-13-08. This is what I found.

    And well what is in bold is the only thing I see about fillet's.
  5. Give me a break, the guy had a good time enjoying nature. I go camping along the darby and cook fish that i caught for dinner, come arrest me.
  6. I have done this many times. In fact, I was on the Darby one time and we caught a 4lb catfish. We had all the stuff for a shore lunch so we started a small fire and cooked it up. While we were eating a ranger walked up and asked us how we were doing, if we had our fishing license, etc. He never once inquired what we were eating or anything. We put the carcass in a bag and I took it home and threw it in the dumpster, didnt want to leave it in the water or on the bank. I would of never thought this was a law, one of the dumbest I have ever heard of. It will not keep me from making a shore lunch every now and again.

    So when I catch bluegill at AEP and I am camping on the edge of the pond at campsite C, am I not allowed to cook them up because I am "on the water?"

  7. This law is on the books to keep people from taking over their limits. Once they are fillets in the cooler hard to tell what how many and size. Its not there to stop you from enjoying a legal catch.