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    just making sure I'm not an idiot like the repair man acted like i fridge took a dump yesterday so i called a repair man ...he came out around noon and replaced a relay/capacitor/thermo breaker on it when he left it was running so he said....4 hours later i open the door to check it and the thermometer in the freezer says 60 deg. F...i called him back to say something still is not right ...he basically make me feel like a moron and says i have to wait 24 hr be ore i should check it...i say no it wont be to OP temperature in 4 hours but it should be cooler than 60F when the house is 67F RIGHT? or am i wrong? it is a side by side Maytag he says they take a long time to cool off
  2. Is it running? The compressor should be running all the time until the temp comes down. Side by sides are more difficult to cool, but it shouldn't take that long.

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    I just LOVE refrigerators! Our last one kept warming and then cooling for no reason. Repair guy came out and replaced a defrost unit (no charge) and checked out EVERYTHING and could not find anything wrong.

    We called another repairman and he too scratched his head and actually stopped by after a repair call near our house just to see if anyone diagnosed it. No one could so we sold it and purchased a new Sears top of the line model just two months ago and wouldn't you know it, the cubes are coming out 2 pcs per hour! I just can't win.
  4. 1st thing clean the coil with coil cleaner. could be a number of small things. biggest thing it could be is the compressor.pull it out from the wall a little bit,make sure it can breath.i work in a restraunt so i know a little basic stuff about refridegeration. make sure there is no dust or grease blocking the there ice forming around any parts where ice shouldn't be?
  5. If he paid a repairman to do any work on his fridge that should all have been checked. If it was not then I would say it was a very incompetent repairman. Nevertheless, I would certainly have him out repairing it if if indeed is still not working. I am assuming that you have cleared all of the food out of the fridge from when it initially broke down? If so, I would give it the 24 hours like he suggested and then call him back in. As was mentioned the compressor should be running pretty much non-stop until the temp comes down.
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    well i believe the compressor is bad $400 to replace on top of the $100 I've already shelled warehouse has one like mine for $598 on sale decisions decisions....if in mount Vernon dont call senitts appliance on Sandusky st.he is rude, can't give you a strait answer and acts like you are waisting his time kinda over priced too for not getting it fixed properly
  7. Well as a matter of fact I am in MV.;) I have never dealt with Senitts so I can not comment on their service. For future reference I would recommend Accurate Appliance. They have done a couple of repairs for me and I know others that use them. They do honest and good work. In fact I don't know where you got your information for the compressor price but it may be worth your time to call Accurate and ask them.
  8. I do most of my own appliance repairs. $400.00 for a compressor compared to a new unit with warranty? Not much of a choice is it? My washing machine(pronounced "worsher") blew a transmission. The price for a new tranny was $211.00 if I install it. A new machine cost $425.00. I have a new "worsher"...

    Back to your dilemma. If your guy didn't check the compressor, he screwed up. Fight the bill as much as you can.
  9. That is a great point. If the guy did not verify that the compressor was good and threw other parts at it then he indeed screwed up.
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    yup just got back from Lowe's they have all appliances for 10% off labeled price i got a whirlpool side by side with energy saver original price $899 on sale for $850 plus 10% off took it to $765 then i bought a extended service plan for $83 witch takes the coverage out to 9 years total with surge coverage and food reimbursement plus free delivery and removal of the old one after rebate....i just called the repair guy to see if he would buy the part back off me but I'm not holding my breath......little more out of pocket but at least now iv got piece of mind to know my beer will be cold when i get home after work:D

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    i thought about calling the bank and stop the payment if he don't by the part back off me...any comments on that what kind of trouble could i get into if the want to fight ? that like passing a bad cheek thing how dose that work legally speaking
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    I say "In for a penny, in for a pound" the bank fee and stop payment! But with today's speedy processing, you need to react quickly!! What is the worst thing this guy can do...take you to small claims court?...prove the repairman failed to perform and any judge or court referee should rule in your favor...most likely the guy will realize he failed in performance and won't pursue the issue. As a consumer you still have certain rights and you are in a position of favor if you stop payment...what is the old "golden rule"...he who has the gold, rules! ...get your money from him (stop payment) and you control the game from there.
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    all iam going to say tim is i am in fredericktown and i wouldn't use the guy you used and i know what you mean about him.

    Knock on wood i can not complain about Hearlds on main street they have treated me good and i purchased new stove, dish washer, and kitchen aid mixer from them this year.

    Will get a new fridge from them in spring
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    In a word YES!!

    WHy would you pay for work or a part that was not the problem? I would bet one of my secret smallie spot's that the repairman would not!
    I would call him first thing and explain to him what you want. If he does not give you the answer you want stop the payment!
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    OK here is the story with the part and what was wrong this info comes from Accurate Appliance repair(a more strait up guy)when the repair man wanted to replace the parts he was correct in doing it was bad BUT instead of using original equipment he put in a universal part witch was a 3 in 1 (relay,starter,thermo overload)but the one he put in is also a booster...witch in older units is great if you have a older compressor that my need the extra boost to help get it going BUT when in stalled on newer units (like mine)they can ruin them because newer ones cant handle the extra boost and it burns out the starter in the compressor....SO in a nut shell buy installing a non OEM part he burnt out my compreor thats why it worked when he was here but got burnt out in an hour or two after the i am wondering if i should sue him for that since i had to replace the thing because of him or just let it go I HAVE STOPPED THE PAYMENT SO ONE WAY OR ANOTHER THE TURDS WILL HIT THE FAN
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    i called and ask if he would buy the part back off of me thought that would be fair...his receptionist(his wife) answer said she would relay the message and have him call...well i got no call at all ...sounds like he is ignoring me...thats ok i stoped the check
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    iv dealt with Herolds before great people they had the same model i bought but they could not match the price i bought my washer and dryer there 10 years ago other than a seal in the washer tub no problems
  18. Tim,

    I am glad to hear that the guy from Accurate did you right. Like I said I have always been happy with them and have heard plenty others with the same report.

    I think you are doing the right thing with the stop payment. Unfortunately, suing him for damage to the compressor may be more difficult because you will have a very hard time proving he ruined the compressor. I think the guy's story from Accurate probably is right but making a judge believe it to the point of holding the other party responsible is another story. So are you or did you have Accurate replace the compressor? I was just curious as to how his price compares on that.
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    he give me a price of $500 that was compressor, evaporator coil and replace the relay, starter ,and cap. that was originally bad....but i just decided to go buy a new one with a extended warranty do not have to deal with it for at least the next 9 yrs...LOL