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Refitting Alumacraft Backtroller 17'7''

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Cross Creek Dad, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. :) Doing a total refit on boat seats, seat mounts, carpet and so forth , already bought seats and stands, I got to wonder if since the front riser for seat uses a different base (Springfield Taper Lock) if I should use the same base throughout the boat on the other seat mounts They areSpringfield plug in posts. I put in the good seats, chair style (two seat mounts)at the steering and one mount in behind in bottom of boat and then one mount at front of transom deck area so I can move the rear seat high and low.
    My next question would be if the front riser for the cushion is even available with the telescope plug in base?
    I also replaced the floor in boat with 3/4 exteerior, as I couldn't find marine grade. I have the floor in and wonder if I should coat it with a preservative or sealer. If I keep finding things to do here I will never get boat in water
    This is my first post on this site and a new user. I'm looking forward to getting this in the water soon.
  2. I had a lot of problems with the tapered post design. Several times the post simply popped out of the base when you leaned back in the seat which was due to wear on the the taper. I would not consider them from a safety standpoint.

  3. Be sure to put some type of sealant/resin on your 3/4 ply. Also i installed the pin type seat mounts and posts (same brand you have). Only problem i had with them is that i bought a seat post and the seat base didn't fit into it, i just took it back and got another and it works fine! Good Luck!

  4. I have polyurathane I could use :F It is a good floor sealer you could mop it so maybe it will seal it as well
  5. i used poly on mine then carpetted it, that should be fine good luck with the redo im still pecking at mine
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  6. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    cross creek dad,just wondering if you're from vinton county? there's a carryout down there named the crosscreek.
  7. :) Cross Creek Dad is from the Ohio River Valley, and Cross Creek is the water shed feeding the Ohio River from Hopedale area to the river. Update, I was able to seek help with the Force 50 HP motor tonight and found it had bad ground, A happy man I am and hoping to get boat in water this week--end if retro fit is completed :F
  8. hey Cross creek Dad what year is your boat? How long have ya had it. I am ordering a alumacraft this winter for next spring they look like great boats! Oh Yea welcome to OGF!
  9. CCD: Dang, you're fast. I redid the interior of my 99 Alumacraft, but it took me pretty much the whole winter. The seat bases in my boat are all the same other than the helm. The console seat is non-removable, whereas the others are. My bases are Swiveleze, but it seems the manufacturers change them every couple years.
  10. Cross Creek Dad = TritonBill's Dad! hehe.... hopefully he'll be getting that boat fixed up and then giving us lots of good fishing reports!
  11. CCD,

    I agree with Shortdrift about the Taper-Lok bases/pedestals. They seem to have too much "play" in them, even when new. I'd recommend Springfield "Spring-Lok" 1.77" or Swivel-Eze 1.77" bases and pedestals. They seem to be as sturdy as any and "fairly" easy to remove or relocate to another base. I believe the CG requires a fixed pedestal for the helm. I've heard of using lots of different "coatings" for floor plywood-from marine varnish to polyurethane, to contact cement (very waterproof). I think the main thing for long life of wood flooring is to let the floor dry thoroughly after it gets wet and don't let it get soaked (sit outside uncovered) for extended periods of time. Good luck in your project.