refilling ink catridge at walgreens:

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  1. is the a certain number of times i can do this without buying a new catridge? i have done it 3 times already with my black ink.

    Black refill 10.00
    color refill 15.00
  2. I buy my own ink and refill them. Most ink cartridges max out around 3 to 5 times. Also, remember to clean the head after adding a new ink cartridge.

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    Can you do this with any brand of cartridge?
    Does it work good?
  4. I believe so. But be careful. A lot of todays ink cartridges have on/off switches. Once the ink is completely empty it can not be refilled without replacing the chip. Well, it can be refilled but you will not be able to print because your printer will still see it was empty because the switch will be in the off position. Something printer company's do to stop us from saving money.

    Name your printer and I'll try to help you.
  5. from my experience: when you refill, only put little ink into each cartridge. All cartridges that I refilled in the past leaked for long time. I realized that 2-3 cm3 is enough, even though the cartridge is 3 times larger. It has something to do with the sponge inside not absorbing the ink.
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    Sorry a little late its a dell A 948 I think ill look more into here when I get a chance
  7. i have had no problems
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    I refill my cartridges. I can do it about ten times then I buy new. Be very careful cleaning the print head as it is easily damaged. I use an outfit in Westerville, OH for all of my ink. They are very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have. Their web address is
    I spend less than $60.00 and can refill over ten times with that.

    Odd as it sounds, I can buy a refurbished printer with new cartridges and a new print head for $4.00 cheaper than I can buy new cartridges.

    The true test of how many times will be determined by the print quality, when it gets bad, buy new.