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  1. how often and with what do u all lube and grease your reels. Just curious as to if you just do one or the other and what works best.

  2. I oil the bearing twice per year and clean and relube and grease once a year. I like Quantum Hot Sauce grease and oil.

  3. thanks, I now have to add to my cabellas order..
  4. i have multiple Ambassador reels i use for catfish, i lube the "spool bearings" and the "handle bearing" once a year with Quantum's "hot sauce" oil. man that stuff is amazing!! i get way more casting distance with that oil, and it makes the reels super smooth. i also slighty lube the worm gears with a light greese, usually the greese that comes with the reel. unless my reels take a dive into the muddy river, or get mashed down in the sand i will do a complete tear down about every 4 years or so.
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    I lightly oil after every trip and tear down and grease the inner gears usually twice a year. Prevention. Prevention. Prevention.