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  1. Guys-
    2 yrs ago I bought a Shimano Corvallus for muskie trolling/casting... Well the thing is burned up now- I can't cast 10 times without my line goin nuts. last 2trips its bird nested on me halfway through the trip:mad:
    I'm using 65lb braided Spiderwire in it...
    What model & make are you using for casting? I'm thinking about an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur- C3/C4. What do you think? I'd like to keep it around $100. Does anyone have comments on Spiderwire vs. Powerpro? Or your best line that you've casted with? Just looking for that great reliable combo...
    Thanks for any comments.
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    My advice is to get an Abu C3 or C4 in the 6500 or 6600 size. Fill it halfway with cheap mono backing and then add about 60 yards of Spiderwire Ultracast. I love this line!!! I got it in 80 lb and when I do get a backlash they are relatively easy to remove. You can get by with a 5500 or 5600 but I would get the bigger one. If you like pitching jerkbaits or walk the dog style baits then you will want the C4. If you mostly throw bucktails, crankbaits and jigs then the C3 is better suited. For $100 I think the Abu's are your best bet. Also, I am not a fan of power pro, but I guess some guys like the stuff.


  3. Abu C3's are reasonably priced (on sale now @ Reed's) & durable, given moderate care. They're also rebuildable forever. All of mine are 10 years or older & only 2 have required anything beyond cleaning & oiling.

    Line? Almost as many opinions as lines out there but go w/a superbraid. I like 50# Cortland Spectron.
  4. thanks guys- its always nice to have some second opinions... especially when spending 100 bones on a reel.... I just tell the girlfriend: well, I can use them for catfish too! :)
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    Check out the Garcia Record Series...worth the few extra bucks if you cast as much as you troll...they are much smoother than the C series.
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    15.00 rebate on c3s c4s and records over 80 bucks thru 9-5-08. to download form. ive never used a record but hear good stuff about them. i like the c4s...ive just switched to tuff line from power pro. ive been told by a very good stick that it is better line and stays round where power pro can flatten out. meaning the coating comes off quicker over time on pp...havent used it yet...