reelfoot tn reports???

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  1. i know from previous threads that some people are going to reelfoot in march. leaving on march 22 ,wonder if we are going to hit this year or not. past years we have got down there late.
  2. i dont no when late is i go in april anywere from the 1st to the end of april and hammer big big slabs plus gills

  3. booked rooms today - will be there on the 20th! hope it all goes as planned, then again, I'll be on the water - with my dad and son - fish will be an added bonus!

    Of course I will be taking the big cooler and the magic seal machine so we can bring back some slabs for later! Hope to have some good pics to post!
  4. if you get down there early enough before they spawn you catch them drifting across the lake fishing with 3 to 4 poles. to late is when you are jigging in lillies for black crappies.
  5. were are you staying madcrappiekids im going down the 24th stayind at bill nation
  6. we are at southshore - never been down there so we are looking forward to a great time. not sure if they have internet but I will have the laptop so I might be able to get a "daily report" - We will be home on the 23rd so I will let you know something one way or another...either where to go or where NOT to go :D
  7. im also going down on the 17th so i will update you also
  8. sweet -i was looking at the website and they have results from the big bass pro crappie tournament they had on March 1st - first place went with 7 fish (limit) and 11 pounds. The field results went to i think 50 boats all with a limit and low weight to cash was a little over 8 pounds i think....hmmm doing the math on that is pretty good -
  9. well, made it home - new boat ran good! High wind - Low temps - not so good fishing! talked to 2 guides on Friday adn Saturday - caught 4 fish - gave a refund and scrapped two trips!!! My dad caught on - my son caught 2 and we spent a total of 12 hours on the water in 3 days. First time down there adn the weather sucked, the bite was HARD and the lake was up 8-12 inches......................I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK - my son wants to book another trip for this summer!!!

    The guys we met were first class and the South Shore Resort was great fun. We had fun gofing off at the docks and watching the water roll in - on Saturday at 2pm I went for a drive and counted 9 trailers in 4 launch ramps - I have some pics to post soon.

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  10. a few more pictures from Reelfoot trip...

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    the bad side of going this time of year is the unpredictable weather.good catches of nice fish can be had if the timimg is right,though.
    i can't believe you took that ranger out on that lake though:eek:
  12. headed down 29th feel like little kid at christmas 10 of us going i am so ready
  13. headed down 29th feel like little kid at christmas 10 of us going i am so ready we go down every year around this time and catch fish like crazy we will be the bunch with all the fish at the cleaning station @ cypress point good luck to all going down
  14. Misfit - i think that is the case anywhere this time of year - it's weather roulette!! and, that is NOT my boat and I would NOT take that one out there...see the thread in the lounge for the story (Paul Noechel) on the boat.

    CJ - have fun down there - the crappie should be in the shallows by then. Cypress point looked like a nice place - if you are looking for a guide I would recomend slabber dave, Quint and Tim...something just ask around they will tell you.

    Have a great time!!
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    very true.but it's not fun to spend a few hundred $ and get blown off the water for most of the trip;)
    we got lucky and got to spend lots more time on the water,but the weather still flip flopped quie a bit.the bad part there is the wind can affect you more due to the open terrain and shallow water.
  16. i hear ya - the gas alone was.....oh well....I just know it was worth it for my son to have the biggest fish of the weekend (see pics in my photos) and for a first time down we will be back - the good thing was we were not the only one's with little or no catches - talking with everyone there and the best anyone did was 18 for a day - with a guide - two guys only brought in 4 w/guide on Friday
  17. well my trip started on 23 - 26 my dad and i only caught 10 keepers in 4 days due to muddy water and high winds. when it is windy we usually get in the lillies but with the lake two ft over pool there was none. water temps only 50 deg.