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  1. Magilla

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    Has anyone gone to Reelfoot Lake in TN? I would like to take my Son on his spring break in late March. From what I have read the Crappie fishing really starts up then. Also does anyone have a good place that they have stayed at ( lodging,fishing packages,etc.) There is alot on the web to choose from.
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    march is a good time,with the only negative factor being unpredictable weather.there are several good resorts with good rates that usually go up the first week of march.i stayed at cypress point and couldn't have been treated better.many others here have been to reelfoot and enjoyed other camps also.for some good info just type reelfoot into the search engine for this forum and you'll find more than i can typpe here.also go to and do the same in the tennessee forum.lots of tips and info there.if you can,hire guide for first day and you'll shorten the learning curve drastically.

  3. i go the first week in april every year for the past 5 years. we stay at cypress point resort. really nice place and nice people. they have a 1 week,a 4 day and a 3 day fishing package idk the price tho ill have to check that out.
  4. Check out Grays Camp in Tiptonville. We go every year. These guys know the lake well. If you take a boat plan on hitting stumps, not a matter of will I, but how many you will. Anymore we just rent one of thiers for our trips.
  5. Cypress Point includes a boat with motor, fuel and bait along with the room package deal. The equipment supplied is top shelf and you are not liable for the motor due to hitting (and you will) stumps. Boat is cleaned and fueled up every night by the dock hands.:) They will also load and unload whatever gear you don't want to leave overnight but there is 24 hour security. Unpredictable weather provided slow fishing for Misfit and me but we still managed to catch our fair share of crappie. The only thing I didn't care for was the taste of the crappie out of the cypress studded water. Had oner fry and gave the rest away.
  6. With all of the great early spring lakes to fish, such as Norris, Pickwick, Kentucky/Barkley, etc.. I can't imagine why anyone would want to go to Reelfoot.

    Added distance, high winds, the dreaded stumps, jon boats, more drum than crappie, etc. etc..

    There is a reason that the same resorts are at the travel shows year after year - NO REPEAT BUSINESS!

    The crappie that they display at the shows have been netted. They have a winter netting season down there.

    I made one trip to Reelfoot, wrote it off as a bad experience, and will never go back. Ditto for many others that I know who have made the trip.

    Two words of advise - Don't Go!
  7. I'm trying to make a decisio on a spring trip and trying to figure out where to go. Most likely Ky lake but am curious what you would say the overall #1 is for spring? Crappie is the main target, but wouldn't mind some bass action either.
  8. I go to eagles nest and this is the sixth year. We have good years and bad, but get a guide for one day it was worth it. most crappie we caught last yr were 3/4 to 1 1/2# range. i am going down over easter weekend.
  9. I have been to Reelfoot before I like to stay at White's Landing, which is part of Cyress Point Resort I had a Great time and six of us are going back March 9th. I will let you know the results when I return.
  11. cantsleep

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    Why would I want to go to Reelfoot?

    Easy, I don't own a boat, and am just looking for someplace to enjoy a pleasant weekend. I'm going down early April, and as long as I catch some fish and have a good time with my buddies, I'll be happy.
    For someone like me, the package deals they have are big incentive.
  12. Good point!
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    Well said cantsleep. To some it is solely the catching of fish while the overall experience and sharing the good times is just as important to others.
    The trip Misfit and I made to Reelfoot was something I look back on with great memory's of the fishing, getting temporarily lost on the way to the lake
    :rolleyes: and also on the lake plush the surprise of hitting that first stump.:eek:
    As you said cantsleep, there is more to a fishing trip than the fishing.:)

  15. Magilla

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    Thanks for all the input. My Son and I leave on March 26 for 4 days. We are staying at Blue bank resort. Did take the advice and have hired a guide for the first day. Will let everyone know how we did when we return.
  16. cantsleep

    cantsleep 3rd shift blues

    Good luck Magilla, we'll be waiting to here from you.
  17. looks like we might be there (reelfoot) over Easter weekend! not sure yet where to go but Reelfoot is the leader so far.

    We have a new to us boat (read that as nice used!) that has a 40hp merc jetdrive on it, wondering how it will take the stumps. Anyone have any input on this?
  18. Man, don't even think about it! The motor may be ok, but what about the hull!! Just not worth the chance, in my opinion.
  19. misfit

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    jet drive is perfect for reelfoot.if your boat is a jon style,you shouldn't have a big problem if you just use your head;)
    actually if you take it easy and have a good aluminum boat,go easy and pay attention,you will be ok.but you will still most likely find some stumps.personally,i would rather use the rental boats,for the cost and not have to worry about mine.
  20. even if you are carefull and use your head. there is still the stumps that you dont see that you will hit. the fishing reports say the lake is up a foot above this time last year. but things can change by easter.if you havent made reservations yet you probably need to do so soon my dad and i made our reservations on jan 2 for easter weekend.