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    Me and some buddies are looking into going to Reelfoot Lake in western Tennessee in April. Has anyone fished this lake? from what I've read, it's a good crappie lake, and some of the resorts on the lake have some great deals. Any info appreciated.
  2. a friend of mine went there for about 5 years and do plan to go back. In April I would look for shallow coves near the deeper wooded parts (everwhere in the lake), so these areas will be easy to find (w/ a map of the lake). I would start with the run n gun method. finding depressions and stumps in the shallower bays and simply dunk jig/minnow around these spots and move on quickly, as there are many cover options. Let us know how you do.

  3. I went their in mid-June (A slow time for Crappies on Reelfoot) and stayed at Cypress Point. The dock hands were really friendly and helpful and the service was good. Fishing at this time was a bit slow but I can see this large body of water has tremendous potential and I would love to go back in the spring or fall. Watch out for submerged stumps they are everywhere and be sure to operate your outboard on "tilt" so as not to damage your lower unit. You cannot avoid the submerged stumps. Reelfoot has a lot of nice bluegills and catfish also. Keep a watchful eye for cottonmouths. They are around the area...just be smart about it. Have fun!!!!!
  4. Another tip I forgot is to use "crappie" spinnerbaits, or beetle spins in the same area if the jig/minnow do not work. If this does not produce use small jerkbaits, or cranks around the cover in an erratic pattern. You may also pick up some bass doing this. If you catch bass doing this the crappie are probably in the next depth down from this area fish it with a bobber/minnow.
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    I have been there in April and October. I am actually going October 10th-14th. again this year. My family went there the last week of March this year and did really really well on the crappie. If you have a choice instead of going in April I would move it up to March. THere are some great crappie and bluegill in that lake. I would stay at Blue Bank Resort. One of the best resorts on the lake IMO.
    PM me if you need more information once the time gets closier and might be able to help you out. I have been there 5 times now and keep catching more fish each time I go.
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    i think that misfit and shortdrift made a trip to reelfoot either last year or the year before.give them a shout and they should be able to help you out with information.
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    yes they did.we were there the second week of march last year.did the package at cypress point and must say they treat you great.the room,the equipment,the service by the dock hands,everything was first fact the crew at the docks(led by jeremy)treated us like kings:)
    i know blue bank and others have great reps also,but after our experience,cypress point will get my business if i get back to reelfoot.
    weather conditions were tough for awhile,but it was still a very enjoyable trip.february - april are best crappie times.slow trolling with spider rigs is the standard,but lots of fish can be caught around the cypress trees by fishing tight to them under the mentioned,the place is stump city and shallow,so slow is the word,which is why using resort boats is the best way to go.they're well suited for that lake.
    slip floats with minnies and/or jigs and tubes is the general approach.ask about current hot colors/styles for is a faorite,but other colors can be great.especially blue/white,and for something different add that color tube on a chart head.adding a minnie to the tubes can help at times also.
    fish can also be caught right around the docks also.
    be aware of the weather cause the lake can really kick up due to the shallow depth and open terrain.
  8. Cypress point was good to us also, I stayed there mid summer two years ago. The fishing sucked being so hot and all but I found some bass and hooked alot of those big ole gator gars but was unsucessful at getting a good hook up on them and never landed one. The others are correct, the dock hands were great and really did treat you like a king. Every mourning I awoke my boat was fueled up and warmed up and ready to rock every day! you dont even have to remove your gear each day because they had people to watch the boats at night. I thought the food sucked around the lake but drove to a different town and found some good food. I would have really liked to be there in the spring when the bass are spawning but still had a good time. There was a casino on the Miss. river that we went to one day and I won 300 bucks and they had some awsome barbecue. I will for sure have to check this lake out again some spring but I am not taking my wife next time. She cried all day about the submerged logs and the huge gator gars. One day we were right in the middle of the lake and hit a log and spooked one of those gars, it was so big it splashed my wife and I when it took off. Needless to say that was the last day she went out with me and I had to fly solo the rest of the week. If any of you guys go this fall I would like to hear of your results. Oh yeah, I forgot there are an extreme amount of eater catfish in this lake and some of the locals trap them and sell them to the eateries, check out the pic I snapped of this guys trapping catch.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    one more thing.don't by stingy with the tips;)
    jeremy and the guys not only did all that bassin420 said,but they actually helped load/unload truck every day and carried our stuff,charged our battery every night,gave way more bait than required,and more.we never tipped till we finished our last day,so that was not an incentive for them.they treated everyone the same way.when i handed them that $100 on the last night,i thought one of them was going to cry.they were very appreciative and said they weren't used to that,as lots of people don't tip at all.they deserve better than that cause i'm not used to the treatment they gave us:)

    the old misfit with big jeremy(front)and one of his crew.

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    Really appreciate the replies fellas. We were a little worried that the drive down there would not be worth the effort, but it sounds like a great trip. We are'nt taking any boats because of what I've read about the stumps, but with the deals the resorts have we'll just use their boats. Can't wait.