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reel ??

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by mrtwister_jbo, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. i see that gander mt has there brand of reels on sale 4 $19.99.
    anybody ever use them ?
    anyone know who makes them?
    an while am asking ???? does anyone know who makes bass pro shops excel line some one told me it was made by berkley????

  2. JBJ


    I've heard both negative and positive about the GM reels. Some folks say they are good enough for the price if you're just fishing now and then, others claim they failed on them really fast. I've never tried them myself.

    The rumour I've heard is that they are made by the same manufacturer that does Pinnacle, Pflueger, Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops. I'm wondering about the new GALYANS reels. They are something like the Pfueger and Abu Garcias. With 8bb and a price of only $59.99 for the combo, they are worth a try.

  3. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Would they like to donate one to be field tested, we're excepting donated items you know :D :D
  4. JakeFr5150

    JakeFr5150 Mr. Bug Rod

    The only Gander Mountain reel I have is their Microlite 1 reel. For $20, its probably the 2nd best Ultralight reel I own behind my Tica Cetus. Its definitely durable - I've had no problems with it despite a few haphazard mistakes (dropping it alot! On concrete, in the water, and in the mud) - Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. From what I hear, the ones last year were made by Okuma. Now I don't know if that applies again to newer ones. I have seen some of the larger reels (medium light and up), and personally I don't like them - kinda clunky and too much plastic parts for my tastes.

  5. JBJ


    I'm looking into it Dale. I'll be meeting with the big dogs on Tuesday to discuss GALYANS involvement in the local fishing community. Keep your fingers crossed...
  6. back in time,,,,1981, i bought 4 reels and 4 ultralite rods at k mart. i ve got 1 shakespere ultralite alpha rod left and still use the four reels daily. cheap as they were i wish i had more of the rods. reels seem like there gonna last till im done fishing.i snapped my 3rd rod friday . reels are sportfishers, 9.95 each ....rods 9.95 each what a deal. 23 the way,i strictly use the old mitchell 300 reels for everything else.set in my ways i guess. :rolleyes: