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  1. Just curious what setup you river smallmouth guys use, I just bought a new 6'6" BPS M johnny morris rod and I would like to find a good qaulity reel for it. I have been using a daiwa exceler 2000 spinning reel and a 6'6"bionic blade MH but you can never have too much fishing stuff right?:D
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    I prefer a light action for river fishing. I use a medium light berkley lightning rod 6'6" with a shimano 1000 series reel. 6lb test . also have a light action 7' rod with same shimano 1000 I like also!

  3. I've had less problems with the high-end Shimanos, but I've never found a spinning reel that I was totally happy with. I've been thinking of getting a baitcaster, but I've never played with one.
  4. imo every reel has its drawbacks in my experience a baitcaster is not good for throwing anything but fairly heavy baits i know this sounds like a duh thing but i have yet to find a reel that wont have problems over time i have abu garcia spinning and casting reels i like them all i also like some of the diawa spinning reels but its all a matter of what you are casting, how heavy ,how far, ect. of course baitcasters have the backlash problem but now with with brakes and such its not as easy to do. as for spinning reels i havent had any probems with line twist since i switched to suffix line. hope this helps.
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    I agree with powerstroke I have used a baitcaster at the river a couple of times. good for buzzbaits or heavier cranks or top waters. but most of the time for lighter presentations spinning setups work the best. As far as durability I am not the best when it comes to maint. and my shimano's are about 6 years old and they work great smooth. These are not the high end ones either. I think I paid maybe 40 bucks each for them at BPS.
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    Mostly i use a 6 ft med action spinning rod (I prefer 1 piece, more sensitive and they won't fall apart) with abu garcia reel filled with 8 lb line. I use a baitcaster occassionally, BPS model - for bigger plugs. Its the only thing that handles a Zara Spook (3/4 oz.) Lastly i use an ultralight 5 footer with 4 lb line, i think its a Gander Mtn Outfit. Some of the store brand Gander and Bass Pro outfits i don't think are too bad, i like the ones with several bearings in them.
  7. I use a Seven foot St Croix Triumph spinning rod medium light action with a 2000 Daiwa Excellor reel and 8 pound test Silver Thread line. I throw a lot of small crankbaits and seem to lose fewer smallies with the lighter action rod.
  8. but remember with river fishing or any fishing i guess you would say sand equals death of reels. esp. baitcasters.
  9. Daiwa Tierra 2500, Abu Garcia C804, or Abu Garcia Soron STX would be my picks. Haven't tried the new Abus, but look like they're worth checking out.

    I have both Tierras and 804s and love them both. 8lb Trilene fluoro on em, with 15lb Fireline Braid on the spare spools.