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  1. I am looking at purchasing a new reel to match a St. Croix Avid 6'8" rod. I have it down to a few reels and would appreciate anyone's insight/advice. My limit to spend is $200.00 for a reel.

    Pflueger President
    Pflueger Supreme
    Daiwa Tierra
    Daiwa Sol
    Shimano Stradic

    I haven't ever used a shimano, but what a great reputation. Daiwas are always silky smooth. A lot of people I met use the President. I did like the way the Supreme felt when I used it at Rodmaker's.

    I fish for bass and walleye (on lake Erie) primarily, but this would be used more for bass finesse than anything else. Size recommendations would be appreciated as well.


  2. bass


    Go with Shimano thats my vote

  3. SwollenGoat

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    I've heard lots of good things about the Daiwa Sol.
  4. neocats1

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    Different ones to consider:
    Okuma Aveon, Expior, or the awesome Vsystem. The Vsystem V-30a is a top notch reel. It's smooth. Almost catches the fish for you.
  5. I fish w/ the president and it's a great reel...I love it! But I'm sure you'd notice a big difference between that and the Stradic. It's a difference of over 100 bucks. If I had the money I would go w/ the Stradic. I don't have one but have heard it's absolute top notch.
  6. Fishin' Coach

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    I have two newer stridics and honestly can't reccomend them. I hve 4 older ones with the wooden handles and they are tanks, but one new one the bail spring failed in less than a year and the other one had a fulty drag :felt like glass in there both problems were fixed at the factory but i'm still a little leary

    for the price I like the president series,
    I have also been very impressed with okuma reels but as of yet have not tried ther upper tier reels
  7. K gonefishin

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    Diawa or Penn are the only reels I'll run.
  8. You may want to take a good look at the Revo SX also.
  9. I bought four Tierras last spring. They are a great reel for the price. Silky smooth, waterproof drag and a big beefy bail arm.
  10. CLappert

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    I have had 2 stradics for about 4 years a 2500 and a 1000 they are great reels and I recomend them if money is not an issue Shimono has also introduced a new reel in the 120.00 class that feels real good but I dont have any feedback on it yet . also the pfluger supreme is a good reel also

    Wolfhook we are talkin spinning reels here not baitcasters you nut:p
  11. No wonder I feel so out of place:confused: Its what happens when I don't get any sleep before work. Well then I would definitely go with Shimano.
  12. Have to agree with K diawa or penn
  13. CLappert

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    BOBBY after rereading your post is that the 6"8" Med.xtra fast if so that is what I have my Stradic 2500 on and would not use any othe set up for dropshot or a shakey head on the big lake
  14. I can't speak to the Pfluger's but I'm with Het and Kgone on the Daiwa spinning reels. The Tierra is an awesome reel. Hands down, it's better than a Stradic, IMO. Heck, I like the Tierra better than my Sustain. I did hear the Daiwa Capricorn XCT reels (made exclusively for Dick's) have their problems. I wouldn't go that route.
  15. soua0363

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    I own a Pflueger Supreme and it is incredibly smooth but I cannot comment on the durability of it yet as it has only seen one fishing trip thus far. It is an extremely light reel though so if you pair it with a light weight rod you would be set.
  16. I'll never buy Pflueger again. They are owned by a company that doesn't even specialize in fishing. Plus everything pflueger i've bought has broken within weeks of owning it. I'll only fish shimano and quantum. So in my opinion go Shimano!
  17. Pfluger is the BEST reel for the money IMO!!!
    Stradic is a decent reel however, i read an article that compared the Pfluger supreme against a lot of other reels and the only on that I recall did better in the test comparison was the Shimano Stella ($500)
    I wish I could recall where that was but maybe search google for something like this and it will come up.
    Not going to talk bad about Daiwa I really like their baitcasters but not too keen on spinning.
  18. Not sure who owns Pflueger now, but the company got started making fishing tackle in the late 1800's, and was based here in Akron by the early 1900's.

    Most of our favorite fishing related companies are most likely owned by bigger companies, such as Nabisco or Johnson and Johnson, anyway.
  19. I love my three Pflueger Presidents. Great reel for the money. I've had them for several years and they haven't let me down yet. Bobby, IMO, all of the reels that you listed are nice. You can't go wrong choosing any of those reels!