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Reel Problem

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by bassman56, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. Im having a problem with my problem and i was wondering if anyone could help. When i cast and start to reel in the spool wont fall back. I have to push it back. When im reeling in it pops out by itself. How do i fix this. :confused:
  2. what reel do you have??????????????? :confused:

  3. what you most likely have is a broken bail spring. this spring is put under tension when you open the bail and and snaps the bail closed when you turn the handle. if it is broken, the bail will open when you try to reel, as there is no force holding the bail down. this happened to me several times this year, and it seems to happen more often on ultralites, as they obviously use lighter (and more delicate) hardware.

    a good way to avoid this is to close the bail by hand, regardless of the functionality of your reel. replace the spring, or take the reel back (if that is possible).

    hope this helps.