Reel Lady and Reel Man Rock!!!

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    I havent had a chance to say thank you to Rob and Marcia:) . I met up with them in South Carolina to watch Marcia (aka reellady) at the WBT Classic. She made us OGFers sooooo proud!!! They both invited my wife, son and myself to sit in the Family and Friends section. Now let me tell you, you need some major credentals to sit there. I have been going to the classics for years, this was the best. Here we where setting with the other pro's and thier families. KVD wife gave my wife the recipe for those "cookies" I will have that on E-Bay soon... JUST KIDDING!! It was soooo cool. My son Troy was in Heaven!!! He made a "Go Marica"sign. He said if we dont start winning some tournys he's got phone numbers now and hes not afraid to use them!!! lol
    I dont know if you OGFer know this but Rob (reelman) worked his butt off there. He drove for BASS, couldnt take any pics and watched the wieght-ins from backstage. What a guy!!! And I dont think Marica got any sleep.
    So ya I dont know what to say except a HUGE Thank you!!!! You two are a class act and I am proud to call you my friends!!!! You two ROCK!!!!:) :) :)
    Thanks again, Walt, Connie and Troy
  2. Couldn't agree more!:)