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  1. I collect reels. I love them. I consider them works of art. the Mcneese reels are my favorites. when I find them, which isnt often, I buy them.

    here's what they look like. kind of a copy of the old Seamasters, but still stunning. the pics dont do justice.

    trout reel:

    most recent acquisition. salmon reel.

  2. Those are awesome, they look like they are in great shape too!! I also collect old fishing reels ( of any type) I have a 1958 Plfueger skillcast (baitcaster) worth about $180 that I found at a garage sale for 5 bucks!!! It was brand new in the box. Where do you find your reels at, I imagine ebay..?! I would like to find reels like that, put them in a shadow box with a real sweet salmon streamer on a piece of drift wood and hang it in the office. Good stuff!

  3. its an addiction. the trout reel has never been used. the salmon has, but is in excellent condition. I'm gonna slap it to a spey rod and fish for walleyes off a boat in the spring. also use it for steelies in the fall off a boat, too.

    various places. I dont buy off ebay as much as you'd think. sometimes the ORCA, (The Old Reel Collectors Association) page, sometimes clarks bamboo forum. I dont necessarily collect old reels, but certainly they have their appeal. I have more than one vom hofe reels.

    I started out wanting a salmon reel from the main salmon reel builders, then things grew from there.... and well, beats a heroin addiction I guess.

    reel collecting is an interesting hobby. as with all hobbies, people collect for different reasons. I collect fly reels for the beauty of them.
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    Nice reels!! How big is that router reel? I got a Decho 4wt spey rod on the way and would possible think of something like that to put on it.
  5. Beautiful!
    I am always looking for old reels. But not of that caliber. I collect and repair/refurbish old pflueger medalists and various oddballs (Berkley 510's, Hardy knockoffs(Heddons, old Daiwa's). Your reels are a different realm. I have been looking at some Ari Hart designed reels he has some interesting ideas.