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Reel for Flippin Stick - Shimano or ??

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by KYBOB, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. Looking to buy a couple of new reels for my flipping sticks. Had planned on buying the Shimano Castaics until I received my new cabelas catalogs and saw the Cabelas Prodigy Casting Reel with the flippin switch. Looks like a new reel on the market. That is, I don't remember seeing them in last years catalog. Has anyone purchased one of these reels yet or used one of them. Need info. - Looks like what I am looking for. Going to use them flippin a jig. It has most of what I am looking for - gear ratio, aluminum frame, low profile, at least 7 SSBB, PRICE - PRICE - PRICE.
    If anyone has these reels already, let me know what you think before I go buy.
    Thanks ahead
  2. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    $169.99 for a 4 bb reel? :eek:
    take a look at a Daiwa PT33SH 7.1 to 1 ratio
    flippin switch, 5bb and its a Daiwa :D
    should retail for under $100

  3. I've never used the Cabela's Prodigy reel, never heard of it until now, but I wouldn't trade my Castaic's for any reel at twice the price. The Dick's Sporting Goods here in Cleveland had Castaics on sale last time I was there (last weekend). I think they were only $130 (the Dick's in Legacy Village for those in the Cleveland area).

  4. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    quantum has a nice reel on the market, I've also been warned to stay away from Phelugers
  5. The Prodigy has been on the market for a few years. I personally dont think it is worth the money. I would stick to shimano reels. The Castaic is a excellant reel for the money.
  6. JBoy, I had a Pfluegger Trion low-profile reel I used for flipping before I go my Castaics and I liked the Trion. It was a good flipping reel and gave me no trouble. I've also got an ultra-lite spinning reel that's a Pfluegger, I still use it some and I like that reel as well. My experience with their reels isn't very extensive but I'd give them a thumbs up.

    The only reel I've ever had trouble with was an older Diawa. But, I know lots of people that will only buy Diawa so I probably just got a bad reel :confused:... I still won't buy another Diawa, one bad experience is all any company gets with me and my hard earned money:)

  7. I bought 2 reels at bps in cincin, They were selling quantum accurist pt for 70.00 or so. It sure is a nice reel. today was the first time i used it. no complaints. it is hard to find flipping reels anymore. just very few on the market.
  8. Flipp

    Flipp Bass Chaser

    I have 3 accurist pt on for flippin they are a good reel
  9. I love my Shimano Castaics that I have for flipping! The Castaics I have are about 3 years old and the newer ones even look better!

    Daiwa reels of the same caliber deserve a look too. I don't remember the models but I've used a couple of my buddies and they were very smooth and nice for flipping.

    I have one Pfluegger Trion reel but I don't flip with it. I don't like it as much because the spool is slightly wider and for me it requires a little more care not to backlash. I do think the Trion is a very smooth though so far.
  10. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    I just bought a new Shimano Castaic SF at Dicks (Legacy Village)last week. The price was 129.99. If you happen to have an Entertainment Book, or know of someone that does, there is a coupon in it for 20.00 off any purchase of 100.00 or more. My new reel only cost me 109.00! Talk about a steal! Now I just have to figure out how to work the darn thing!!!! :D
  11. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    Thanks for the Daiwa nod TritonBill. :D
    The Daiwa models you might want to look at are the PT33SH
    with a 7.1:1 ratio and it has a flippin switch or the TD-X100 HSDF
    and the new Feugo's are going to be a big hit.
    The new super tuned TD-A153HST isa fine reel for the $ but
    it doesn't have a flipping switch nor does the Fuego.
    If you like to spend $ and catch nomore fish then the next guy
    you could go after a TD-Z for about $350. :D
  12. Reel Lady,
    I have looked on Dick's Web site & they do not show that Shimano Castaic SF 201 model reel that I am looking for. I live about 45 minutes from a Dick's Sporting Goods. I am going to call tommorrow to see if they have any in stock & on sale. If they do not have them, I may be getting back in contact with you to see if the Dick's Sportings Goods Store in your area has them. The Castaic SF 201 is the left handed model.
    Thanks for the help
  13. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    I do believe that that the only one that they have left in the 201 SF is the display model in the case. I ended up going with a left crank too. (even though I am right handed)
    I know that when it was Galyans, they would give you 10% off if it was the display model.
    And... don't forget about the coupon in the Entertainment book! That would mean an additional 20.00 off!
  14. Thanks Reel Lady,
    Called Dicks Sporting Goods in your area and found the reel that I was looking for. After several phone calls, worked out a deal and a way to purchase the reel. They would not sell be the reel over the phone. Would not take credit card. Anyway, its on its way.
    Really wanted 2 of them but they only had the one left - the display model.
    If you run across any more deals like that one, let me know.

    Thanks for the info.